The Legal Drugging of America Part 7

In the last post I discussed how I discovered that “blue babies” like myself were ALL ADD. I was fortunate that the doctors got my oxygen restored to the brain quickly as that did not happen as quickly for another “blue baby” entrepreneur friend Mark. Of course Mark has not had the benefit of the ADD training that I had in Atlanta with Pete.

It was a WONDERFUL day when Pete hooked me up to the bio-feedback screen and I was able to make that red balloon go up and down on command from a FOCUSED brain! I also passed the harder test of making numbers on the screen also go up and down!

If you are having problems with ADD please check out this bio-feedback system before beginning a regime of ADD drugs! The drugs can HOOK you for a lifetime whereas the bio-feedback system can HEAL you for a lifetime!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson
DRUG FREE Serial Entrepreneur

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