The Legal Drugging of America Part 2

As I mentioned in the first post in this series I believe this so called “LEGAL” drugging of America will destroy many opportunities for potential entrepreneurs in America.

Today I want to share my own personal experience of this DIABOLICAL trend. My experience goes back to 1970 when I was a student at Florida State University going through suicide attempts of slashing my wrists. I never had a near death experience but I knew I needed help!

I went to see the FSU counseling service and was assigned a psychologist who spent more time watching her damn desk clock than listening to me. She decided to prescribe Ritalin and I agreed to give it a try.

WOW that stuff was POWERFUL! I actually began to LIKE it and I had NEVER been a pill taker of any kind except when I was REALLY sick.

Fortunately I also realized that I was beginning to feel I needed more Ritalin which that drug pushing counselor approved! I then also realized that I could get HOOKED on Ritalin!

Thank GOD I had enough sense to stop taking that drug! Decided that the way I was living my life in depression was BS! I began to fight the depression MY way without Ritalin!


Years later on my national HOLISTIC health and fitness TV show I had an author who as a father had won a court case involving the prescription of Ritalin to his hyper active son. It was during that interview that I learned that Ritalin is a Class 4 NARCOTIC according to the DEA!

In the next post I will describe how I overcame ADD at 50 without drugs like Ritalin.

Hugh Simpson
DRUG FREE Serial Entrepreneur

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