The LEGAL Drugging of America Part 1

I know this may not be related to what I have been discussing as the Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs but in a way it is!

I have seen first hand here in Macon County in North Carolina what I am calling the Legal Drugging of America. It is the MOST DIABOLICAL attack on the future of America I could ever imagine! It will lead to the end of entrepreneurship in America!

I know a 49 year old female here in Franklin that has been on this Legal Drugging of America for almost as long as she has been living here. She has been on every psychotropic drug her counselors can prescribe. NONE seem to work for any length of time. She can not hold a job. She could not even raise her daughter so her mother had to step in. She can not maintain a loving lasting relationship with a man. She has lived a life of literally HELL most of the time in a dark room sleeping her life away!

So THIS is the SOLUTION offered by the bought off by drug companies counselors? Try every new psychotropic drug manufactured by these “LEGAL” drug manufacturers that are prescribed by their bought off “LEGAL” drug pushers?

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson
DRUG FREE Serial Entrepreneur

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