The “Davids” of Business

On New Year’s Eve I happen to be in my local Salvation Army where I find my USA Made recycled clothes. They also have a book section. I was browsing through them when I discovered a title that caught my attention. I picked it up and began to scan the contents page. I am a very lucky speed reader reading at about 800 words per minute and comprehending at a 90%+ level.

This book was about why the “Davids” of the business world had been able to compete with and even surpass the “Goliaths” and gave examples like Whole Foods vs. Kroger; Google vs. Microsoft and Southwest vs. Delta. I am sure that you have your own examples.

So what was the secret of the “Davids”?

First, these companies ELIMINATED every thing but one area where they developed LASER FOCUS on all aspects of the business and then they added COOL or EXCITEMENT. Google began strictly as a company that offered what has turned out to be the best in Search. Only when they had become a multi-BILLION dollar company did they begin to expand into other areas. However even today all their businesses add to Search including Adwords, Adesense, GoMo, Google Analytics and even our latest business venture – Android. Yes we will be marketing the coolest state-of-the-art Android tablets like the 10″ one that I am doing this blog post on.

I plan to follow what the author said: ELIMINATE, FOCUS and develop COOL and EXCITEMENT with our AndroidWorldLLC. We will not sell Apple. We will not sell Android phones. We will FOCUS only on Android tablets in the 7″, 8″ 9.7″ and 10″ sizes. We are not even going to offer the resistive screen as they are no longer COOL. For those of you that don’t know the difference between resistive and capacitive screens – resistive use a stylus and capacitive ones are like the Ipads where you can use your fingers.

So as you look at your business in 2012 and beyond are you going to ELIMINATE, FOCUS and be COOL?

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