Kabbalah Part 20

Today Rabbi Berg shares there is a DIFFERENCE between SUPPRESSING our emotions and SHUTTING DOWN our REACTIVE system. Next time RESIST your urge to REACT and instead use RESISTANCE as most likely you are going to experience CALM and CLARITY … Continue reading

Kabbalah Part 16

Do you think it is possible for YOU to CONTROL Space? According to Rabbi Berg that is exactly what happens when we shut down our REACTION by using RESISTANCE with PROACTIVE behavior! He says that by shutting down our REACTION … Continue reading

Kabbalah Part 15

Last post we discussed TIME as the distance between ACTION and REACTION and TIME as the divide between CRIME and CONSEQUENCE. Both of these forms of time are in SATAN’s bag of deceit and evil. Another deceitful trick SATAN uses … Continue reading

Kabbalah Part 6

Previously we discussed the POSITIVE/Adam/Proton and NEGATIVE/Eve/Electron dimensions of our universe from the view of the Kabbalah. In order to have RESISTANCE there must be both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE present as we see in the example of a light bulb. … Continue reading

Kabbalah Part 5

In the previous post we learned that Rabbi Luria wrote about the BIG BANG in the 16th century confirming what the COBE satellite found in the late 20th century. RESISTANCE played a key role in the creation of our universe … Continue reading

Kabbalah Part 4

In the previous post we gave an example of how the BREAD OF SHAME occurs using the story of the little boy who finds that his so called game saving run is all a farce. So how do we overcome … Continue reading