Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 16

I certainly agree with my mentor Donald Trump that KNOWLEDGE is VERY important to your business and personal life. You can NEVER have too many LEARNING experiences and KNOWLEDGE especially as it relates to building your EXTREME WEALTH LIFESTYLE. For … Continue reading

Millionaire Mindset Tip 10

One of my clients and mentors is a DECA-MILLIONAIRE whose name I can mention – Dr. Michael Duckett. Michael’s story is truly from RAGS TO RICHES! Michael was abandoned in a Detroit ghetto with 7 sisters when he was THREE! … Continue reading

Millionaire Mindset Tip 8

Millionaire clients of mine LOVE to NETWORK with other millionaires and even better multi-millionaires! Are you aware that it has been SCIENTIFICALLY determined that your WEALTH LEVEL is determined by the FIVE people you associate with the MAJORITY of the … Continue reading