Be Prepared Not Scared Part 6

Again I have used the Navy SEALs as they KNOW about MISSIONS! Think of your PREPAREDNESS as a MISSION which it is! Don’t think of it as WAR but FUN! According to former Navy SEAL officer Leif Baban in Extreme … Continue reading

XtremeOwnership Part 5

One VERY important aspect of XTREMEOWNERSHIP is LEAVING YOUR EGO OUTSIDE THE DOOR as my friend and co-founder of EST, the late Bill Thaw, use to say! Former Navy SEAL officers and trainers Jocko and Leif stress this in their … Continue reading

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 29

Here is a perfect example of something we discussed before: SOME WILL SOME WON’T SO WHAT NEXT! I had three of our co-founders of the Southern Music Hall of Fame & Museum resign from the organization today. Did it devastate … Continue reading