New Year’s Resolutions?

Been a while and I have been busy and having FUN preparing for 2015 which is NOW here! May you have a HAPPY PROSPEROUS XTREMEJOY 2015! Now on with the post. I like you have made some New Year’s GOALS … Continue reading

Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 56

Had to share with you my AHAH as my mentor Marshall Thurber like to call them while jogging yesterday. GOD/Universe/Spirit is PRIMARILY concerned with your PURPOSE and NOT the MONEY! However if you FOCUS on the PURPOSE, MISSION, VISION, GOAL … Continue reading

Fiscal Fitness

Today we are returning to another type of FITNESS – FISCAL fitness and recently I discovered one of the BEST MUST read books on that subject – Soul Currency by Ernest Chu. Ernest has a very interesting background as he … Continue reading