Kabbalah Part 20

Today Rabbi Berg shares there is a DIFFERENCE between SUPPRESSING our emotions and SHUTTING DOWN our REACTIVE system. Next time RESIST your urge to REACT and instead use RESISTANCE as most likely you are going to experience CALM and CLARITY … Continue reading

Kabbalah Part 16

Do you think it is possible for YOU to CONTROL Space? According to Rabbi Berg that is exactly what happens when we shut down our REACTION by using RESISTANCE with PROACTIVE behavior! He says that by shutting down our REACTION … Continue reading

Kabbalah Part 14

Previously we discussed how SATAN uses TIME with CAUSE and EFFECT. Also TIME is the distance between ACTION and REACTION that SATAN uses very effectively. The KABBALAH teaches that we must NOT react but instead RESIST leading to PROACTIVE ACTION. … Continue reading

Kabbalah Part 12

Recently I bought The Power of Kabbalah Card Deck (see Resources) which is a cool way to not only review what I have already read in Rabbi Berg’s The Power of Kabbalah book but it also offers exercises and thought … Continue reading

Kabbalah Part 11

The previous post we discussed how SATAN changes our DNA to read FOR SELF ALONE in regards to DESIRE. Today we find another technique SATAN uses: how you KNOW what you are hearing is from him instead of GOD! Rabbi … Continue reading