Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 52

The 4th thing mentioned by friend/mentor Pat Williams, General Manager of NBA Orlando Magic, in his best selling Go for The Magic (see Resources) concerning BLUE SKY THINKING: spend QUALITY time with CREATIVE people! Amen, Pat! That us one of … Continue reading

New Direction!

Yes I am going soon have three separate sites: http://www.hughsimpson.com will be my personal site http://www.realitydesigner.com will be my business site http://www.conceptsnation.com will become a community/news site about the subjects of concepts, collaboration and creativity. This should all be accomplished … Continue reading

Now the FUN Begins!

Joe “Magic Man” Loisel my webmaster has got everything the way I want it now! HughSimpson=ConceptsNation=RealityDesigner! My first major RealityDesigner assignment for now is Labor Day’s first annual SciSpyAdventure that I am designing from a CONCEPT to REALITY! I want … Continue reading

My Mentor LOVES ConceptsNation!

Yes I woke up today to see an email from my long time Internet Marketing friend, mentor and former London Barclays banker Tuks saying he LOVES my revamped HughSimpson.com where I discuss in depth my ConceptsNation. This is what I … Continue reading