Drill Sarge for Entrepreneurs Part 31

I SO agree with my mentor Donald Trump that you must keep LEARNING! I have LOVED reading and researching most all my life. That is probably why I was glad to be an INVESTIGATIVE reporter for CBS News and Post … Continue reading

BEST Holiday Gift

Today Christians are celebrating giving gifts to each other. If the jewelry companies succeeded with their incessant bombardment of commercials then many are getting new watches, rings, bracelets, etc. Others may have gotten XBOX One or a new Apple Air. … Continue reading

FINALLY KNOW What I Want to Do for the REST of My Life

Well it has only taken me over 50 years to figure this one out! My friends will be the first to tell you that I have a VERY hard time FOCUSING on one area of what I like to do. … Continue reading

My StraightTalk Test

If you read the previous blog post you learned that I was shortchanged 300 minutes with my StraightTalk $30 card. StraightTalk corporate in Miami confirmed my suspicions and replaced my shortchanged 300 minutes; however then I was amazed to find … Continue reading

Is StraightTalk Phone Company Short Changing Customers?

I have been using StraightTalk since almost their beginning. In fact I was a beta tester and have basically been a very satisfied customer UNTIL now! I am a former CBS News consumer investigative reporter therefore I am no novice … Continue reading