Super Glue & Foam Letters

We all know that PLAY keeps us Youthing and that is why you will find XtremePlay here.

I decided to have some CREATIVE FUN and see what I could do with an ordinary baseball cap. I wanted the cap to have “XtremeJoy” on it. I had asked my graphic artist, Dave, to come up with something that had cool letters in different colors. Well he has been very busy and it seems God was telling me to do it myself.

So I knew that WalMart had an Arts and Crafts section and I knew they carried iron-on letters. When I checked I found no-iron ons. Then I saw these packages of cool letters made of foam in a rainbow of letters! So I bought them and then found the right glue at the Dollar Tree for foam. I then spent hours laying out letters for four different caps. It was FUN! I was playing like a child again!

I will tell you that the gluing with the Super Glue was a chore but as I write this I now have 6 done. My buddy in the Waffle House saw the XtremeJoy cap I was wearing and gave it a two thumbs up!

Not only did I have FUN but now I have a cool colorful way to promote my web sites!

Get some foam letters, Super Glue and a colorful plain baseball cap and go crazy!

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