Stretch Your Mind

Here is a game that I learned in Scott Belsky’s MUST read Making Ideas Happen (available in Resources area).

He interviewed world famous Ji Lee, who has designed for Conde Nast and is also the Creative Director for Google’s Creative Lab, where he has been responsible for Google Maps, Chrome and Goollery. Here is what Lee says about games: “Games keep things simple and keep people engaged.

Here is a game that he plays with his students at the School of Visual Arts where he is teaching his students the value of learning, creativity and motivation.

He has them exchange with their classmates through email on a continual basis links they find daily that will “stretch the mind.” The only rule is that the link has to be “clever and engaging or surprising.” Lee says: “It’s really fun, but at the same time it’s very important, because I think it breaks the routine of their work flow and brings their brains to something totally different…That’s how creativity usually works.”

Why not get a group of your friends or colleagues together and start doing this simple but FUN game!

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