Stress Addiction & Technology

Last time we discussed the SAD Cycle – Stress and Depression Cycle. We said that we have actually become ADDICTED to STRESS! If you don’t believe this then just take a look around you and more importantly at your own life! More STRESS EVERYWHERE! I tell you I see LESS smiling happy people than when I was growing up.

I blame a lot of this on our ADDICTION to TECHNOLOGY that is EVER PRESENT ie. cell phones, TV, video games, computers, Ipods, etc. We are ALWAYS connected to the world today and that can lead to a VERY stressful life! We have stopped “smelling the roses” as I was taught to do when I was younger. We have truly complicated our lives instead of simplifying them with this ADDICTION to TECHNOLOGY!

Why do you think there is an INCREASE in especially young people getting out and hiking the Appalachian Trail? They tell me this gives them an opportunity to be UNCONNECTED to the world of cell phones, Ipods, TV, etc. Several told me that they are doing this early in life because they are in better health now but most importantly because they are without jobs and have less responsibilities now! Actually they have to have some money as today the average cost per mile hiked is $1-2 depending on how high tech they go.

So why not spend at least ONE DAY being UNCONNECTED and smelling the roses so that you can begin to break the SAD Cycle!

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