State of the USA

An NBC/Wall Street Journal report released before President Obama’s State of the Union speech showed that 63% of Americans do NOT like the way this country is headed! I think 37% said it was DIVIDED which reminded me of another time in US history: the War Between the States beginning in 1861.

I pray that this division does not lead to that horrible time of brother fighting brother and I believe that ConceptsNation that I have founded can keep that from occurring!

This nation was founded on a CONCEPT that has continued on for over 200 years. If we can come TOGETHER to solve America’s problems with new innovative CONCEPTS like the EVUR that could truly revolutionize transportation in America then we have a chance to continue another 200 years with that great CONCEPT founded in 1776.

Congress, the Senate, President Obama, and especially lobbyists are NOT the solution!

WE THE PEOPLE creating ConceptsNation are!

Hugh Simpson
Founder of ConceptsNation

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