SpyFest 2014

Yes this on my previously listed 25 projects to be completed before I pass on.

We are preparing for SpyFest 2014 currently scheduled for Fall 2014 in DC. Our first one was 2003 aboard the Queen Mary with 60 plus spy stars from film and TV including George Lazenby, David Carradine and Robert “I Spy” Culp. Sadly both both Robert and David have passed on.

This time we hope to have more tracks on Spy Technology such as drones that are the size of a mosquito! I am hoping our previous contact with the CIA can open doors for us to get to see some cool stuff! He has retired from the Agency but still has numerous ties to it and other intelligence agencies.

We are also hoping Chase Brandon, our contact, will do a track himself. He was invaluable to our previous SpyFest as he arranged for the private collection of the CIA to be placed on the Queen Mary!

My associate Tim Crockett could do an interesting track since he is former Special Boat and Special Air Service instructor!

You will now see a tab here for SpyFest 2014 where I will be updating you!

Hugh Simpson


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