Some Will. Some Won’t.

And the rest of this very good reminder reads: So What. Next!

That is exactly what we have decided to do in regards to the recent firestorm I caused in Macon County.

It is obvious to us that you do NOT want our potential clients to take advantage of what you have to offer here. So I removed from my site and YouTube videos featuring Macon County for our target market of potentially 60,000 Adventure Fitness fanatics.

We now have been offered hundreds of acres that are privately owned to bring our clients in an adjacent county. They now will be staying in that county’s motels. Eating in their restaurants. And partying in their bars.

We will also be shooting our pilot for the TV series there as they also offer a fabulous lake which we needed.

So this is the NEXT mentioned above as we go forward!

Hugh Simpson


Some Will. Some Won’t. — 5 Comments

  1. You seem to have a lot of big ideas that you talk about quite frequently.

    Providing hundreds of thousands of dwellings for homeless individuals.

    Bringing in 60,000 fitness fanatics to a location.

    I am wondering, where is the capital for these endeavors coming from? Who is providing the manpower? Where is your business plan? How, exactly, do you plan on doing these great amazing things that you tout?

    I am skeptical, to say the least. You seem to me to be a very creative and positive person…. who unfortunately does not have a solid grasp on reality.

    • Bryan just keep reading here. I am backed by a very competent TEAM with the FINANCIALS to make it happen.



      • Who is bankrolling these projects? What successes have they had in the past that we have heard about?

        I have never seen a goodwill public entity that keeps its’ name under cloak and dagger. If you have a backer, name them. Otherwise, it is impossible to take any of your claims seriously or lend them any credence.

  2. Then I suppose I and the general public will take a “wait and see” approach. What is your timeline to have “potentially 60,000 Adventure Fitness fanatics” come to the county you’ve chosen that is not Macon?

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