Robbin’ Hood Obama

I had said that I was going to share more of my new hero and mentor HENRY DAVID THOREAU; however I must put in my two cents worth about Obama’s State of the Union message.

I guess we can now start calling Obama America’s new Robbin’ Hood. I like to think of it more Obama’s true SOCIALISTIC colors coming to roost in America!

He wants to GREATLY increase taxes on those earning $500,000 or more! Is he not aware that a MILLIONAIRE today is worth about $100,000 in 1960s dollars? In another words to be a 1960s MILLIONAIRE you have be a DECAMILLIONAIRE!

So $500,000 ain’t what it use to be!

If he and his SOCIALISTIC buddies think that HARDWORKING so called wealthy individuals are going to allow this to happen, he must be smoking what has admitted to smoking in the past!

It ain’t going to happen Robbin’ Hood Obama!

Promise you will get back to THOREAU in next post!

Hugh Simpson

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