Review of Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

When I first bought this Amazon Fire I was very skeptical of what a $49.95 tablet could do.

It was very KISS to set up especially for this 70 year young non-Geek!

Of course it came with the 90 day FREE Prime to tempt me into paying for it!

I did NOT!

YES their were a number of movies to watch and YES I watched a number of them. Except for a handful like Walk in the Woods, the majority were directed to a younger audience.

I almost bought it for the use of the rental of books but I already used a FREE book service.

I am an author who was hoping that I could use it for writing my books, articles and blog posts!



Let me give you an example of what  it writes if you don’t correct it:

“I actuLly had to demove the spell correctkion bdecause it was a njghtmare to use! It would think I had typed words that were fad from thd ones I wante d. In fa cg some were togallh unrecognizable to me!”

I also HATE that they have placed the space bar so close to the CIRCLE and SQUARE that actually should NOT even show up when you are typing! The CIRCLE takes you back to the Home Screen and the SQUARE takes you back to the tiles of your previous viewing.

So I will stay with my APPLE iPod for the majority of my writing especially WordPress blogs.

BING is a THIRD RATE search engine – give me GOOGLE!

The offered apps fulfill my needs.

Overall I will say it is a good tablet if you are not writing a great deal as I have already had to correct dozens of spellings just to write this!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News Consumer Reporter

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