Returning to XtremeJoy Lifestyle

Now we are going to return to the original premise of sharing the Principles of XtremeJoy.

I read in a book where the author took the word “JOY” and did the following:

1. J = Joined. We know that we are joined together in a universal network. This is not some New Age “touchy-feely” psychobabble. Brain research shows that we are more joined together than we even thought before. At one time the prestigious Duke University was the home of extensive research in ESP or Extra Sensory Perception. That research led to the use of ESP today by both the military and law enforcement. The former Soviet Union also has been a leader in ESP research. Twins exhibit this ability to a very high level; however, ALL of us are able to use ESP the more we practice just like any other skill.

2. O = Open. People who live the XtremeJoy Lifestyle are RISK Takers open to CHANGE and NEW experiences. Great examples in the world of business that we have mentioned before include Russell Simmons, Donald Trump, Michael Dell, the late Steve Jobs, etc. EVERYONE of them are DecaMillionaires PLUS!

3. Y = Youth. Again research has demonstrated that people who practice the Principles of XtremeJoy seem to remain youthful and age gracefully. In future posts we are going to go into greater depth with this aspect of XtremeJoy.

Joined, Open and Youth taken to Xtremes = XtremeJoy!

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