Quality! Part 5

Of course this morning an unprecedented recall REQUIRED by the US government of the Galaxy smartphone is the top news.

My experience with the Galaxy Tab 4 did not happen because of an exploding battery. It was because it was a piece of CRAP! The keyboard was as messed up as the Amazon Fire I own.

So I found out that the warranty had run out so I had to look for another way to get Samsung’s attention.

I decided to make a YouTube video saying I was going to use the Galaxy Tab 4 as TARGET PRACTICE with my new pistol as I am a well known Preparedness & Survival consultant writing for Survivor’Edge magazine.

Then I emailed Samsung Customer Service. NO response. So I found the President of Samsung’s public relations firm’s email address. I emailed him TWICE with NO response.

Then a week or so later I was contacted by the Assistant to the PRESIDENT of Samsung USA whom wanted to know what they could do to get that VIDEO off the Net!

I told them to refund my money for the Galaxy Tab 4 which they immediately agreed to do and asked me to send back the tablet at their expense. I was glad to do that as I wanted them to check it out to find the keyboard was continually acting up.

SO if you have a problem with a product just make a YouTube video explaining you are going to use it for TARGET PRACTICE! I am SERIOUS! That will get attention REAL quick! The last thing they want is to have a video possibly going VIRAL of their product being used for TARGET PRACTICE!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter

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