Quality! Part 4

Last time we discussed that before there is a PHYSICAL product or service there has to be a THOUGHT by its creator or creators.

The next time you are in the process of buying something look at the STORY behind its creation.

At Extreme Wealth Lifestyle I look for the WHY behind its creation! It may be because the creator wanted something more healthy for his family. Or it may be he or she was tired of buying CRAP from foreign countries! I remember when Walmart trucks said: PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. Today they should say: MADE ANYWHERE ELSE BUT THE USA!

I also know that the majority of us are IMPULSIVE buyers which keeps us from usually buying QUALITY. We see a glizzy new high tech gizmo and we have to have it. I use to shop that way too. Now I look for QUALITY as my interior designer Mom taught me.

If I can not afford it right NOW, I wait until I can which also gives me a “cooling off” period and stops IMPULSE buying!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter

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