Quality! Part 2

Yes I am on a MISSION to bring back QUALITY to America and the best way to do that is to COMMIT to buying only QUALITY!

I was raised in an average middle class family where QUALITY was first on the mind of my Mom and Dad.

My Mom was an interior designer who had the honor of designing the interior of some of Jacksonville, Florida’s richest homes including the Davis family that founded Winn Dixie grocery chain.

I remember Mrs. Davis telling my Mom to design her house the way my Mom would design it if it was her home! What a compliment to my Mom’s ability and QUALITY she demanded!

My parents also demanded QUALITY in my education and they SACRIFICED to make that happen sending me to Jacksonville’s BEST private schools from the third grade till graduation.

So I want us in America to return to those HIGH standards of QUALITY!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER reporter

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