Quality! Part 6

In the previous post we discussed how I got the FULL ATTENTION of the president of Samsung USA and got a 100% refund for that CRAPPY Galaxy Tab 4.

YOU should NEVER let any of these companies get away with CUSTOMER NO SERVICE!

I helped one of my friends Don who was having trouble with VERIZON in Atlanta after a lightening strike DESTROYED all of his electronics in his house!

He was trying to get them to pay for it because it was THEIR equipment next to his house that had caused the strike!

He was getting nowhere with them. He called me. I called VERIZON and talk to the STUPIDVISOR. I told him who I was and how I could have EVERY TV station’s consumer reporter on his VERIZON doorsteps in no time!

Within less than ONE HOUR there were THREE VERIZON trucks in front of Don’s house with the STUPIDVISOR in tow! Everything was taken care of financially!

So do NOT let them BULLY YOU!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter

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