I may be getting on my soap box again but I think this one is worthwhile!

QUALITY is really what my Extreme Wealth Lifestyle web site is about!

Instead of buying every new glizy gadget that comes out what if we just bought PROVEN QUALITY!

For instance there is no question that my Apple iPod is higher PROVEN QUALITY than this piece of CRAP CHEAP Amazon tablet!

What if we STOPPED buying CRAP like this Amazon Fire Tablet?

Think if thousands then MILLIONS stopped buying these tablets and smartphones like the CRAP Motorola Motos that just may be these companies would get the message?

Well as a person who was taught QUALITY trumps QUANTITY by my Mom I am going back to that motto:


This Amazon Fire keyboard is such CRAP that I spend DOUBLE the amount of time posting because I am constantly correcting the CRAP it has typed!

Here is an example:

“plN to contaxct ecpverhine I know and my 70,000 emakl list about my new campaign to stkp peiple from. Buyimng CFAP like this Fire tablet.”

Translated with corrections it should read:

“I plan to contact everyone I know and my 70,000 email list about my new campaign to stop people from buying CRAP like this Fire tablet.”

It took close to TWENTY corrections to get even the corrected one above right!

Yes the Customer Service rep at Amazon said she had the keyboard fixed!


Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter

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