Power of Appreciation

Here is something that you might find contrary to what you have always heard.

Yes, it is nice to be appreciated and praised but don’t we normally criticize and critique?

Well Jay O’Callahan, who is considered one of the greatest storytellers in the world, teaches what he calls The Power of Appreciation. He has sold-out workshops at his home in Cape Cod where you learn to tell stories. I think that storytelling is one of the most powerful and least used tools in XtremeJoy tools chest.

So instead of having Jay and your fellow attendees CRITICIZE you can only share “APPRECIATIONS”. So when it is your turn for learning how well you did in your storytelling Jay shares ONLY POSITIVE things about it.

Why? Here is what Jay shared.

“People need to relax to be able to discover. Our unconscious won’t come forward and help us see things when we are too logical and focused on criticism…People think that pointing out faults is the only way to improve. Appreciations are not about being polite. They are about pointing out what is alive. The recipient must take it in, incorporate it.”

Jay has found that the more APPRECIATIONS one shares then you begin to build on your STRENGTHS and not your weaknesses. It will be building these strengths that will make you a better storyteller or whatever you want to be or do.

So why not get a group of friends or colleagues together and practice The Power of Appreciation!

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