Posting Again!

Yes I am still alive and as no surprise WordPress using my Android tablet is as screwed up as ever!

As they say in the USA South I have been busier than a one arm paper hanger:-) .

First I finally finished my second book which this time is an ebook entitled “2012 & Beyond” available right here on this blog under heading “My New Ebook” where you can first get a FREE preview there of the first two chapters.

I am grateful to my over one thousand subscribers that not only bought from me but also wrote nice reviews that you will see in the FREE preview:-).

I was thrilled to also do three HOURS with George Norry on Coast to Coast AM promoting the ebook! Got lots of new buyers and most importantly new friends.

Second as part of the bonus for purchasing the ebook I have been finishing up a soon to be released video on Tent Living. I have been joined by over a dozen companies supplying products for the video including: WenzelStore providing a spacious 170 square foot 2 room tent; Pure Comfort with their totally cool inflatible 5 in 1 Sofa/Sleeper; Lodge with their wonderful assortment of cast iron USA Made cookware; the revolutionary USA Made PAN Grill-it™; the USA Made One Grill™ battery operated rotisserie; the totally revamped modern USA Made Global Sun Oven™; the Ark III Survival Kit; USA Made Open Country camping utensils; the USA Made Deadwood Stove; USA Made Clean Waste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet/Privacy Tent; Brunton Portable Electrical Charger/Solaris 26 solar panel; the USA Made Galkie Disaster Lighting system which I will be manufacturing; the USA Made Battle Lake Outdoors Deluxe Cargo Duffle Bag and finally the over-the-top USA Made 400 watt hand cranked generator generator from Crank-A-Watt™ that I will also be handling all marketing and setting up a home-based assemblers operation in Franklin, NC.

Out of the Coast to Coast appearance on 9/26/2012 came my newest blog at Re-EmpoweringUSA where you will see the Crank-A-Watt™ newest product: Bee Ready Mobile Power Station™. I got in a 30 second mention on the show and the next day we sold 6 units! Make sure to follow this blog too where this morning I posted about Election USA 2012.

Finally I received marvelous news about my 20 year project coming to fruition in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL. Yes they are going to make my Southern Music Hall of Fame a PHYSICAL multi-million dollar reality! Stay tuned for more details:-) .

Well I think that just about covers all the XtremeJoy news!

Hugh Simpson


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