Quality! Part 6

In the previous post we discussed how I got the FULL ATTENTION of the president of Samsung USA and got a 100% refund for that CRAPPY Galaxy Tab 4.

YOU should NEVER let any of these companies get away with CUSTOMER NO SERVICE!

I helped one of my friends Don who was having trouble with VERIZON in Atlanta after a lightening strike DESTROYED all of his electronics in his house!

He was trying to get them to pay for it because it was THEIR equipment next to his house that had caused the strike!

He was getting nowhere with them. He called me. I called VERIZON and talk to the STUPIDVISOR. I told him who I was and how I could have EVERY TV station’s consumer reporter on his VERIZON doorsteps in no time!

Within less than ONE HOUR there were THREE VERIZON trucks in front of Don’s house with the STUPIDVISOR in tow! Everything was taken care of financially!

So do NOT let them BULLY YOU!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter

Quality! Part 5

Of course this morning an unprecedented recall REQUIRED by the US government of the Galaxy smartphone is the top news.

My experience with the Galaxy Tab 4 did not happen because of an exploding battery. It was because it was a piece of CRAP! The keyboard was as messed up as the Amazon Fire I own.

So I found out that the warranty had run out so I had to look for another way to get Samsung’s attention.

I decided to make a YouTube video saying I was going to use the Galaxy Tab 4 as TARGET PRACTICE with my new pistol as I am a well known Preparedness & Survival consultant writing for Survivor’Edge magazine.

Then I emailed Samsung Customer Service. NO response. So I found the President of Samsung’s public relations firm’s email address. I emailed him TWICE with NO response.

Then a week or so later I was contacted by the Assistant to the PRESIDENT of Samsung USA whom wanted to know what they could do to get that VIDEO off the Net!

I told them to refund my money for the Galaxy Tab 4 which they immediately agreed to do and asked me to send back the tablet at their expense. I was glad to do that as I wanted them to check it out to find the keyboard was continually acting up.

SO if you have a problem with a product just make a YouTube video explaining you are going to use it for TARGET PRACTICE! I am SERIOUS! That will get attention REAL quick! The last thing they want is to have a video possibly going VIRAL of their product being used for TARGET PRACTICE!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter

Quality! Part 4

Last time we discussed that before there is a PHYSICAL product or service there has to be a THOUGHT by its creator or creators.

The next time you are in the process of buying something look at the STORY behind its creation.

At Extreme Wealth Lifestyle I look for the WHY behind its creation! It may be because the creator wanted something more healthy for his family. Or it may be he or she was tired of buying CRAP from foreign countries! I remember when Walmart trucks said: PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. Today they should say: MADE ANYWHERE ELSE BUT THE USA!

I also know that the majority of us are IMPULSIVE buyers which keeps us from usually buying QUALITY. We see a glizzy new high tech gizmo and we have to have it. I use to shop that way too. Now I look for QUALITY as my interior designer Mom taught me.

If I can not afford it right NOW, I wait until I can which also gives me a “cooling off” period and stops IMPULSE buying!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter

Quality! Part 3

I love this I learned about what QUALITY means.

We all know that before there was a handcrafted chair there was a THOUGHT by its creator. There would be no chair without first the THOUGHT!

So when you are looking for QUALITY products or services try to find out the THOUGHT behind it! When I am researching for new products and services for Extreme Wealth Lifestyle I look for the STORY behind its creation especially the PEOPLE involved.

That is why I enjoy reading The Robb Report and I’m honored to be an Inner Circle Advisor to this QUALITY magazine that demonstrates QUALITY through the products and services it features.

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS New CONSUMER reporter

Quality! Part 2

Yes I am on a MISSION to bring back QUALITY to America and the best way to do that is to COMMIT to buying only QUALITY!

I was raised in an average middle class family where QUALITY was first on the mind of my Mom and Dad.

My Mom was an interior designer who had the honor of designing the interior of some of Jacksonville, Florida’s richest homes including the Davis family that founded Winn Dixie grocery chain.

I remember Mrs. Davis telling my Mom to design her house the way my Mom would design it if it was her home! What a compliment to my Mom’s ability and QUALITY she demanded!

My parents also demanded QUALITY in my education and they SACRIFICED to make that happen sending me to Jacksonville’s BEST private schools from the third grade till graduation.

So I want us in America to return to those HIGH standards of QUALITY!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER reporter


I may be getting on my soap box again but I think this one is worthwhile!

QUALITY is really what my Extreme Wealth Lifestyle web site is about!

Instead of buying every new glizy gadget that comes out what if we just bought PROVEN QUALITY!

For instance there is no question that my Apple iPod is higher PROVEN QUALITY than this piece of CRAP CHEAP Amazon tablet!

What if we STOPPED buying CRAP like this Amazon Fire Tablet?

Think if thousands then MILLIONS stopped buying these tablets and smartphones like the CRAP Motorola Motos that just may be these companies would get the message?

Well as a person who was taught QUALITY trumps QUANTITY by my Mom I am going back to that motto:


This Amazon Fire keyboard is such CRAP that I spend DOUBLE the amount of time posting because I am constantly correcting the CRAP it has typed!

Here is an example:

“plN to contaxct ecpverhine I know and my 70,000 emakl list about my new campaign to stkp peiple from. Buyimng CFAP like this Fire tablet.”

Translated with corrections it should read:

“I plan to contact everyone I know and my 70,000 email list about my new campaign to stop people from buying CRAP like this Fire tablet.”

It took close to TWENTY corrections to get even the corrected one above right!

Yes the Customer Service rep at Amazon said she had the keyboard fixed!


Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter

Review of Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

When I first bought this Amazon Fire I was very skeptical of what a $49.95 tablet could do.

It was very KISS to set up especially for this 70 year young non-Geek!

Of course it came with the 90 day FREE Prime to tempt me into paying for it!

I did NOT!

YES their were a number of movies to watch and YES I watched a number of them. Except for a handful like Walk in the Woods, the majority were directed to a younger audience.

I almost bought it for the use of the rental of books but I already used a FREE book service.

I am an author who was hoping that I could use it for writing my books, articles and blog posts!



Let me give you an example of what  it writes if you don’t correct it:

“I actuLly had to demove the spell correctkion bdecause it was a njghtmare to use! It would think I had typed words that were fad from thd ones I wante d. In fa cg some were togallh unrecognizable to me!”

I also HATE that they have placed the space bar so close to the CIRCLE and SQUARE that actually should NOT even show up when you are typing! The CIRCLE takes you back to the Home Screen and the SQUARE takes you back to the tiles of your previous viewing.

So I will stay with my APPLE iPod for the majority of my writing especially WordPress blogs.

BING is a THIRD RATE search engine – give me GOOGLE!

The offered apps fulfill my needs.

Overall I will say it is a good tablet if you are not writing a great deal as I have already had to correct dozens of spellings just to write this!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News Consumer Reporter

New TV Pilot

Yes we are looking for an INDEPENDENT YACHT BROKER and SURVEYOR who are between 30 and 45 years old with at least 10 years of experience. They can be male or female preferably male/female combination i.e. male broker and female surveyor.

The pilot will most likely be shoot in Florida.

Contact me direct at hughmsimpson@gmail.com.


Hugh Simpson