Found this definition of PASSION in a novel that rivaled Sherlock Holmes entitled File No. 113 by Emile Gaboriau, a French novelist.

“Passion subsists upon itself and in itself; and the very things which ought to extinguish it, absence and obstacles, only make it burn more fiercely. It is exclusive and undisturbed; reflects neither of the past nor of the future; excepting the present, it sees and cares for nothing.”

Here is another Touchstones by Kate Schrader Shawgo:

“We hear words with the head. We listen for meaning with the heart. Anybody can hear. It takes full attention to listen.”

Hugh Simpson

New Year’s Resolutions?

Been a while and I have been busy and having FUN preparing for 2015 which is NOW here!


Now on with the post.

I like you have made some New Year’s GOALS instead of RESOLUTIONS. Research has shown that the majority of us break our RESOLUTIONS before 30 days!

So I have decided as a goal to have that 6 pack abs and become one of the healthiest and fit soon to be 69 year YOUNG males on the Planet! I use TRX and in my 18 years as a certified personal fitness trainer I have seen NOTHING better! It was developed by a Navy SEAL while on a mission.

I have also decided to share with YOU any knowledge or wisdom I have learned from my mentors like Barry (who has asked me not to use his last name); the late Bill Thaw, who was the co-founder of EST; Marshall Thurber, who created Money & You, Mastery in Manifesting (where I spent 2 years), who was the right hand to Buckminster Fuller, and inherited the mantle of carrying on the works and discoveries of Dr. Edward Deming, Father of Quality Control; Bernie Dorhman, who created IBI working with people like Jack Canfield, who was the co-creator of Chicken Soup of the Soul; and many others both famous and not so famous.

As a “libertarian” since 1989 I also have decided to help spread the TRUE philosophy of “libertarianism” which could become the Godsend for the Planet. I have a blog on this at Jefferson Libertarians as some of you already follow.

I am on a mission to get us all to RECLAIM OUR SOUL and realize that earning MILLIONS or even BILLIONS is ONLY a GAME as my mentors Donald Trump and Felix Dennis have taught me. Yes it is EXCITING and a rush but it is ONLY a GAME! The real MISSION is to RECLAIM OUR SOUL.

This is not to be from a RELIGIOUS point of view but from a GOD/UNIVERSAL SPIRIT/CONSCIOUSNESS point of view.

So here is the WISDOM I leave you with today from Touchstones by Kate Schrader Shawgo:

“Do what you can and release what you can’t.”

Hugh Simpson

GUARANTEED Wealth Part 4

So by now you should have figured out your MOVEMENTS. For instance mine are blogging, reading email, writing, calling, exercising, eating, researching, free time and videoing. As you will notice I have covered EVERYTHING in my business day and so should you.

Now after determining your MOVEMENTS you need to determine how much TIME you devote to each MOVEMENT. Your business day may be the standard 8 hours. Determine out of that 8 hours how much time you devote to say calling.

Let me give you a very helpful tip my mentor Timothy Ferris, author of the best selling 4 Hour Workweek, taught me.

Timothy like myself has TWO calling MOVEMENTS. One is in the morning for USA EAST coast and the other is in the late day for WEST coast. I schedule my WEST coast calling from 4-5 PM EST. That way I know that the WEST coast clients are back from lunch and at their desk!

Here is another tip that Timothy taught me. Record a voicemail that says something like this:

“I value your call and will be personally returning it between 10-11 AM EST and 4-5 PM EST. If this is an EMERGENCY please TEXT me!”

This eliminates PHONE TAGGING! They know you will not be answering their call unless it is the specified times above! Also they know you will respond to a TEXT and decide if it is truly an EMERGENCY!

These two tips will save you INVALUABLE time for other MOVEMENTS!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

GUARANTEED Wealth Part 3

SO EXCITED to share with you what happens next!

So did you record EVERYTHING you did in business for the past THREE DAYS? It is VERY important to have done that before you move on.

You see each of those activities you did are like the ones the hotdog vendor does with his/her business.

If you look closely at these activities you will see a PATTERN. For instance I am sure you did CALLING and received CALLS. Most likely you had MEETINGS. You might have done RESEARCH. You might have spent time WRITING.

All of these activities are what are called MOVEMENTS.

So your assignment today is to determine the MOVEMENTS you do in your business.

Hugh Simpson

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Try This to Break FINANCIAL Logjam

Yes we all face FINANCIAL logjams in our lives! Even yours truly!

So beginning today I have the following mantra:


Yes I am using the ancient technique called FASTING!

I have read numerous examples and even talked to people where this technique has worked MIRACLES!

By the way MEDICAL SCIENTIFIC research has shown that FASTING helps to develop FOCUS and in the process clears your body and mind! I know from personal experience of up to 21 days of FASTING it is AMAZING what has happened to me physically and mentally!

PLEASE do NOT do a FAST until you have checked with your physician or health practitioner beyond 3 DAYS.

I am going for 31 days or till the FINANCIAL logjam is BROKEN!

I would love to know what you think and your personal experiences!

Hugh Simpson

GUARANTEED Wealth Part 2

So here is the first assignment for you and it is real SIMPLE:

LIST EVERY ACTIVITY you perform in your BUSINESS! I mean EVERY ACTIVITY regardless of how insignificant you might think it is. Remember to have GUARANTEED WEALTH CONTROL you have to know EVERY detail of your business.

Do this for THREE BUSINESS days.

Oh and I am sure you are saying what I said when I learned this: “This is nothing new. I have seen this before or learned it in a seminar.”

This part you might have learned before but I bet you as you see the rest of the technique you will have not seen it done this way!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

GUARANTEED Wealth Part 1

Remember in the previous post we used the hotdog street vendor as the perfect example of GUARANTEED WEALTH CONTROL.

Why? Because he/she has to wear all the hats of making that business SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE! He/she is responsible for EVERYTHING concerning that business: purchasing, accounting, marketing, distribution, transportation, etc.

In order to make this a SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE business the vendor has to KNOW every aspect of the business and CONTROL it!

I actually had an Atlanta hotdog vendor as a client. He made the best Chicago hotdog I had ever eaten. Others in downtown Atlanta agreed as the line to his stand stretched for literally hundreds of feet during the lunch hours! Eventually he had at least three locations in downtown Atlanta that were all SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE! He eventually sold the business because he knew the secrets behind GUARANTEED WEALTH CONTROL!

His SUCCESS was due to knowing EVERYTHING about his business!

Do you know EVERYTHING about your business? Do YOU control EVERY aspect of your business?

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

GUARANTEED Wealth Control

As promised today I begin to share with you the secrets of GUARANTEED WEALTH CONTROL as used by the titans of industry like Ford, Edison, Firestone and Carnegie!

How many of you have ever bought a hotdog from a street vendor? Well that is the PERFECT example of INTEGRATIVE ENTREPRENEURIAL WEALTH CONTROL!

Why? Because usually there is ONLY that ONE entrepreneur CONTROLLING his/her WEALTH! No employees are usually needed! He/she KNOWS and CONTROLS EVERY aspect of that business!

Are you currently doing that?

More in next post!


Hugh Simpson

On Sabbatical

If you don’t know the meaning, look it up! Don’t be IGNORANT!

Yes I will be in a tent in western North Carolina working on my Preparedness & Survival skills for several weeks!

Also HAPPY & SAFE THANKSGIVING to all who celebrate it!

Hugh Simpson

I Love USA Made Foundation

Yes today you will notice a new area on my web site: I Love USA Made Foundation.

It is my goal to begin to raise the REQUIRED $250,000 to start a foundation to help struggling USA entrepreneurs with their businesses.

You will see an Honor Roll of USA Made businesses I have started. If you or someone you know qualifies then tell them about the Honor Roll!

Hugh Simpson