Do You ASK?

I found something that certainly made sense as I read it: “If you truly want to be a DECAmillionaire or more, then you must STOP sending messages to the universe that are the OPPOSITE of your wealth affirmations!”

I am as guilty as anyone of doing my wealth affirmations DAILY and then saying: “Those assholes on Wall Street are stealing us blind!” So actually I am sending CONFLICTING signs to God/Universal Power and that confuses God as to what does Hugh really want. Here he wants to be a decamillionaire and at the same time he is CONDEMNING the very same decamillionaires! As God sees it you and I are usually saying the “assholes” message with more feeling and emotion than the wealth affirmations!

Also you can not be jealous of another’s wealth like a Donald Trump as that also sends a conflicting message that may be subconciously you don’t really want to be RICH.

Also remember what Wallace Wattles’ says in his classic The Science of Getting Rich (available in the Resource area): you can not become RICH when you are in the COMPETITIVE mindset. As Wattles says there is MORE than enough for EVERY person in the world to be RICH! And if for some strange reason the wealth should begin to decline God will create MORE! For instance, if gold was what everyone wanted then God would help us discover enough gold to take care of ALL our desires!

Now you may think this is CRAZY thinking. However remember what Jesus said: “You do not have because you do not ASK!”

So if Jesus left this as a clue to becoming RICH then we need to ASK!

DecaMillionaireship & Serial Entrepreneurship

Let’s discuss what you MIGHT have to do if you want to be truly RICH as in a “DecaMillionaire.”

First, you must COMMIT to yourself that you will be like a warrior when it comes to this goal. You can’t WISH and succeed. NEVER happen! You have to COMMIT with your entire body, mind and soul!

This means giving up checking your email texts every time you think about it. Remember we discussed the difference between URGENT and IMPORTANT. For you it means only dealing with the IMPORTANT as it relates to your goal to be VERY rich. Remember today it takes a $10,000,000 of NET worth to equal what use to be a millionaire even in the 1960s! As of 2011 it was reported that there were 12,500,000 millionaire households world wide and the US had the lion’s share – 5,200,000. Also there were 2,692 US households that were worth more than $100,000,000!

So as you can see from these statistics if your goal is to be a millionaire today you will only have a net worth of $100,000 in US 1960s dollars! NOT too exciting.

That is why I am launching the Serial Entrepreneurs Association because in today’s world you have a better chance of becoming a DecaMillionaire with more than one business. Remember it takes a NET worth of $10,000,000 or more to qualify to be a 1960’s MILLIONAIRE. Do you think that if you had more than one PROFITABLE egg in your XtremeJoy financial basket that you would have a better chance of making that DecaMillionaire goal?

You must be COMMITTED and DEDICATED to wanting to become RICH like DecaMillionaires do!


Personally I believe there are NO coincidences in the universe! I call them “GodJobs.”

As you remember I LOVE to read and find bargains in books. My friends Tanya and Tobie have the coolest upscale recycle store in my area. Tanya took early retirement from Delta to do her PASSION which is to provide funds for non-profits that take care of rescue cats and dogs.

So they were having a “bag of books” sale and I was in 7th heaven! I had a table full of books to choose from. I spotted a book with the titled BrainStyles ( available at the Resources area ) aand picked it up since I enjoy studying about the brain/mind. I skimmed through it and found that there were 4 brainstyles according to the author Marlane Miller. I looked at the different categories and KNEW I had found mine without even taking the test included – Conceptor!

I started reading about the Conceptor and I KNEW she was describing me to the tee! So I decided that I did not need this book for my further reading. However God/Universe/Supreme Power had other plans. As I still had room in my bag after collecting mostly thriller and mysteries I decided to go ahead and get BrainStyles.

So today I pulled it out of the bag and WOW!

Marlane’s premise is that we can change WITHOUT changing who we are. She is a very accomplished professional in the human development field and she adds brain research from other people that I had previously studied – psychologist Mihaly Csikzentmihaly, who came up with research in “flow” and the “optimal experience; Nobel Prize winner Roger Sperry who did the left-right brain studies; and Robert Ornstein, who also contributed to the split brain studies.

What Csikzentmihaly found was that people who are PASSIONATE about something and consider their work as PLAY are in a state of “flow” where people report when feeling strong and alert experiencing a state of effortless control and have no concept of the passing of time and most importantly experience exhilaration and transcendence. In another words they live the XtremeJoy Lifestyle!

Other research she shares says that the latest brain research with both PET and MRI technology have proven that we are pretty well set into one of the BrainStyles at BIRTH. In another words it is GENETICALLY coded like another famous Conceptor Albert Einstein. They have actually taken a slice of Einstein’s brain and found that he possessed a larger than normal amount of glial cells which has been determined to be correlated with the part of the brain that makes associations. In another words Einstein along with another famous Conceptor Nicholas Tesla had an EXTRAORDINARY built-in ability to develop associations that other BrainStyles have not a clue how to do!

Certainly the environment that you grow up in can have a definite positive or negative influence but we can NO longer play the role of VICTIM as it is totally unscientific!

What you must do is get this book ASAP! My friend just told me that it was available on Amazon for 10 cents!

I fortunately KNEW for a long time that I am a Conceptor and that people always thought me strange!

More Questions to Consider for Your XtremeJoy Lifestyle

Here are some more questions that Timothy Ferris shares in his MUST read book The 4-Hour Work Week (available in Resources area).

“If you had a second heart attack and had to work TWO HOURS per WEEK, what would you do?”

“If you had a gun to your head and HAD to stop doing 4/5 of different time-consuming activites, what would you remove?”

“What are the top THREE activities that I use to fill time to feel as though I’ve been PRODUCTIVE?”

“If this is the ONLY thing I accomplish today, will I be satisfied with my day?”

If you truly answer these questions and begin to put them to work in your personal and business life then I assure you will be living the XtremeJoy Lifestyle!

Setting Time Limits & Productivity

You might have heard of Parkinson’s Law which states that when you are doing a task its IMPORTANCE will grow along with COMPLEXITY in relation to the TIME you allow for its completition.

Most of us including yours truly are guilty of not setting TIME limits and sticking with them. Have you ever sat down and started checking your email saying: “I will only do this for about 10 minutes.” All of sudden you look at your watch and find that 30 minutes have been devoted to this task!

Here is one thing that you want to buy for yourself ASAP – a timer that you can carry in your pocket. I have one that I think I used for cooking and now I plan to carry it in my pocket beginning today. Also you can use your cell phone as even the cheapest StraightTalk ones have a calendar with timer. Also there are software programs both FREE and paid for that will work with your computer. I plan to check today to see if there is an Android app for our tablets.

Timothy Ferriss also says that this applies to especially OUTSOURCING. He found out through costly TIME and EXPENSIVE experiences that when you outsource you MUST absolutely tell the person you have hired the TIME limits for the project and stick to them! Also you MUST checkup on the person at certain PREDETERMINED and AGREED upon times to see his/her progress!

Returning to what Timothy knows is the best way to increase PRODUCTIVITY he says:

1. “Limit tasks to the IMPORTANT to shorten work time (80/20).”
2. “Shorten work time to limit tasks to the IMPORTANT (Parkinson’s Law).”

“The BEST solution is to use both together: Identify the few critical tasks that contribute most to income and schedule them with VERY SHORT and CLEAR deadlines.”

Here’s a question Timothy puts to his readers to make you think: “If you had a heart attack and had to work two HOURS per DAY, what would you do?

To Be Effective – OUTSOURCE

Continuing our discussion of ELIMINATING in both your person and business life for 2012 and beyond, would it also not make sense to ELIMINATE what you are NOT either PASSIONATE about or EFFECTIVE with?

As I have mentioned before I am PASSIONATE about WRITING the content you are reading and hopefully being EFFECTIVE at the same time. |I will be EFFECTIVE if you also succeed and fulfill your GOALS/DREAMS.

I am a fairly decent video editor but my partner, Don, LOVES to edit video! He will spend HOURS taking raw footage and turning them into masterpieces. However when I need a “down and dirty” quick video that gets the point across I do it since I do not need an Academy Award winner to get my point/s across!

I am also a good videographer but Joe Gora is a PRO! He has had an illustrious career with NBC News having been the one in charge of Princess Diana’s wedding! So when we begin to produce our new TV series Southern Nights Joe will direct his team for the shoot.

So to be EFFECTIVE I OUTSOURCE as we have discussed before. You can OUTSOURCE almost anything you can imagine: writing blogs, Twittering, updating your LinkedIn info, SEO, video editing, shooting your videos, writing content for autoresponders, shopping for family and friends, travel arrangements, etc. There is one source you can explore called Fiverr that has EXPERTS that will handle your projects for $5 per project!

So to become EFFECTIVE in your life OUTSOURCE!

Stretch Your Mind

Here is a game that I learned in Scott Belsky’s MUST read Making Ideas Happen (available in Resources area).

He interviewed world famous Ji Lee, who has designed for Conde Nast and is also the Creative Director for Google’s Creative Lab, where he has been responsible for Google Maps, Chrome and Goollery. Here is what Lee says about games: “Games keep things simple and keep people engaged.

Here is a game that he plays with his students at the School of Visual Arts where he is teaching his students the value of learning, creativity and motivation.

He has them exchange with their classmates through email on a continual basis links they find daily that will “stretch the mind.” The only rule is that the link has to be “clever and engaging or surprising.” Lee says: “It’s really fun, but at the same time it’s very important, because I think it breaks the routine of their work flow and brings their brains to something totally different…That’s how creativity usually works.”

Why not get a group of your friends or colleagues together and start doing this simple but FUN game!

Urgent vs Important

We talked about ELIMINATING as it applied to your business. Another one of my mentors, best-selling author, Timothy Ferriss, who wrote The 4-Hour Work Week ( a MUST read book!) also discusses ELIMINATING in your business and even your personal life that makes sense.

How often do you check your email? 4 or more times a day? I have been guilty of doing that in the past. What could be so URGENT that you need to do this? See most of us concentrate on the URGENT instead of what Timothy recommends – the IMPORTANT. If you are checking email, catching up on Facebook, Twittering or updating your LinkedIn info, are you really doing what is IMPORTANT?

Also he discusses being EFFECTIVE vs. being EFFICIENT. Which do you tend to put your emphasis? Again being EFFECTIVE is more IMPORTANT. EFFECTIVENESS is when you are doing things that get you closer to your GOALS/DREAMS. Sure it is also good to be EFFICIENT but most of us put our focus on this when we should be more EFFECTIVE.

Timothy gives a great example of person who checks email 30 times per day but develops an EFFICIENT system that puts all the emails in the correct folders. So is this person being EFFECTIVE?


EFFICIENT systems do not equal EFFECTIVE ones! Autoresponders are EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE systems but only if you write the content of the autoresponders to SELL your products/services EFFECTIVELY!

Timothy also says there are two things to remember regarding what we have been discussing:

1. “Doing something UNIMPORTANT well does not make it IMPORTANT.”
2. “Requiring a lot of time does not make a task IMPORTANT.”

More About XtremePlay

I will be regularly adding new games that you can play with your partner, family, friends and even co-workers.

Games are wonderful for teaching us the Rules of Life too. Here are several to follow while XtremePlaying:

1. Take turns. Don’t try to “hog” the XtremePlay. Let EVERYONE have their opportunity!

2. Consider the other people’s feelings. Just because you are good at something don’t get annoyed when another can’t perform as well or as quickly as you. This especially applies to when playing with children. There is an old Native American saying you might have heard that goes something like this: “Don’t judge another until you have walked in their moccasins.” You do not know where others are coming from regardless of how well you think you know them.

3. If you lose, be a good sport and realize that you don’t win every time. I really have to work on this one myself. I’m pretty competitive. Remember it is only a “game” not a life or death situation. Losing graciously is a sign of character.

4. Don’t gloat over your win either. Remember you will NEVER win EVERY time and when you lose you will not want others to repay you for your insensitivity. Win graciously.

5. Don’t cheat. Again a game is NOT a life or death situation. These XtremePlay games are for XtremeFun with others. Also what you do at XtremePlay reflects what you do in life. Others will notice too.

Finally if you are playing with your children PLEASE don’t get into a dither or worse yet a rage when they don’t perform as well as you think they should. Nothing upsets me more than seeing a parent upbraiding and screaming at a child because they did not get that so called important touchdown, homerun or winning basket. Will that matter a week from now? NO, but the way you treated that child will matter for a LIFETIME!

One of my mentors is Wallace Wattles who wrote the classic The Science of Getting Rich in 1910. He says that you will NEVER get rich by COMPETING but by being CREATIVE you will succeed. PLAY leads to increased CREATIVITY which can result in increased WEALTH! So by PLAYING CREATIVELY you also WIN the Wealth Game!

The “Davids” of Business

On New Year’s Eve I happen to be in my local Salvation Army where I find my USA Made recycled clothes. They also have a book section. I was browsing through them when I discovered a title that caught my attention. I picked it up and began to scan the contents page. I am a very lucky speed reader reading at about 800 words per minute and comprehending at a 90%+ level.

This book was about why the “Davids” of the business world had been able to compete with and even surpass the “Goliaths” and gave examples like Whole Foods vs. Kroger; Google vs. Microsoft and Southwest vs. Delta. I am sure that you have your own examples.

So what was the secret of the “Davids”?

First, these companies ELIMINATED every thing but one area where they developed LASER FOCUS on all aspects of the business and then they added COOL or EXCITEMENT. Google began strictly as a company that offered what has turned out to be the best in Search. Only when they had become a multi-BILLION dollar company did they begin to expand into other areas. However even today all their businesses add to Search including Adwords, Adesense, GoMo, Google Analytics and even our latest business venture – Android. Yes we will be marketing the coolest state-of-the-art Android tablets like the 10″ one that I am doing this blog post on.

I plan to follow what the author said: ELIMINATE, FOCUS and develop COOL and EXCITEMENT with our AndroidWorldLLC. We will not sell Apple. We will not sell Android phones. We will FOCUS only on Android tablets in the 7″, 8″ 9.7″ and 10″ sizes. We are not even going to offer the resistive screen as they are no longer COOL. For those of you that don’t know the difference between resistive and capacitive screens – resistive use a stylus and capacitive ones are like the Ipads where you can use your fingers.

So as you look at your business in 2012 and beyond are you going to ELIMINATE, FOCUS and be COOL?