What You Think of Me Is None of MY Business!

While we are philosophising here is another that I read a long time ago that will also set you FREE!

“What YOU think of ME is NONE of my business!”

I have spent way too much time worrying what others think of me! Have YOU?

I am sure that came from my Mom who was always saying I should lead a honest, giving and loving life because people were watching and would judge me on what they saw and heard.

I see nothing wrong with following her advice as long as it is NOT just what others think about me that matters. I should do this because it is who I am from her teachings or least work towards daily. Believe me I “backslide” constantly!

So I now I am going to work on making this another part of life: “What YOU think of ME is NONE of my business!”

Who I Am Is Me

I have been reading one of the best international thrillers entitled Day of Confession and in it one of the sentences in it has literally set me FREE FOREVER!

The sentence could set you FREE too. It is SO POWERFUL!

Here it is. Are you ready?

“Who I am is ME!”

Do you grasp the significance of this sentence?

YOU are who YOU are! NOT who significant others like family, relatives, friends, ministers, politicians, etc. want YOU to be!

I FINALLY got it as we use to say in EST.

My Mom who was a GREAT influence and role model for my being an entrepreneur is NOT me! My Dad who was a cool, easy going guy most of the time and supporter of my dreams is NOT me! My roommate after college, Gee, who was also laid back and full of XTREMEJOY is NOT me!

Who I am is ME!

In a previous blog I mentioned about another MUST read book entilted BrainStyles where extensive research has found that we are BORN with the BrainStyle we use. I am a Conceptor and all my life I have been misunderstood like all Conceptors like Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, Nicholas Tesla, Albert Einstein and my hero Walt Disney. We only make up NINE percent of the world’s population.

That is who I am! You might be a Knower, Deliberator or Conciliator. You MUST read this book so that you understand what BrainStyle God gave you to make you who YOU are.

“Who I am is ME!” has become my new vision statement as I go forth in my XtremeJoy Lifestyle!

More Flip

As promised here are more points from the MUST read book Flip.

1. Become the TRUSTED “middle man”. Is that not the success of eBay?
2. Today’s best practice is tomorrow’s BAD practice! If you are not keeping up with your niche then you will be EXTINCT like a dinosaur!
3. DIFFERENT is COOL because it is DIFFERENT! This also relates to making sure that you have a USP – Unique Selling Proposition/Point.
4. Your BRAND does NOT belong to you! In another words don’t let your EGO get in the way of earning money!
5. SELL it. LICENSE it. PARTNER on it. Licensing your product if is truly FAST, GOOD and CHEAP and one of the other attributes mentioned by Peter in the previous post can be a real money maker! Witness the past success of Cabbage Patch Kids, Beanie Babies, GI Joe, etc.

Yes, these are MY highlights from Flip but you need to read it yourself because what I highlighted might not be what is needed for you!

Singing in The Shower

& Getting Clean

This also involves two people. Nice and cozy!

Get in and one of you start singing a song. As soon as one seems to know what is being sung that person says: “I know that one.” They name it. If they get it right then the other has to wash one part of the one that got it correct. If not then the one who missed it has to wash one part of the other. The winner is who gets washed first!

Another MUST Read!

In the next posts I am going to highlight some of the points from another MUST read book – Flip by Peter Sheahan (check Resources area)

1. FAST, GOOD & CHEAP don’t cut it anymore! You must have another WOW! factor: GREEN, RESPONSIBLE, BEAUTIFUL, EASY or HEALTHY. For example Subway is FAST, GOOD, CHEAP and HEALTHY. IKEA is FAST, GOOD, CHEAP and BEAUTIFUL.

2. The products and services we buy say exactly who we want to be. By the way checkout Google Trends to see what people are considering right now.

3. All good stories have three things: DETAIL, CHARACTERS and LANGUAGE. Google my friend Ronda Del Boccio as she is the Profitable Storyteller. She can help you get your story right!

4. CHARACTERIZATION brings a story to life and conveys human attributes.

5. Make ALL your policies and processes EASY for the CUSTOMER not you!

6. Sales can be commoditized and OUTSOURCED but not RELATIONSHIPS! Being a former consumer investigative reporter for CBS News I am a stickler for CUSTOMER REAL service and so should you!

7. YOU have to be KNOWN, LIKED and most importantly TRUSTED! People have ALWAYS done business with people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST! That will NEVER change!

In the next post I will continue to share the points from Peter’s excellent book Flip.

Alexa & Other Intel Gathering Secrets

So now you have done your research with Google Analytics and Adwords. As I promised in the previous post you can legally spy on your competition to see who it is with Alexa. Alexa is the web site that ranks the tops web sites in the world for the long tail keywords that you have selected. So if you are a fly fishing expert living in the USA South you are going to put in your keywords from the previous post and find out immediately who is effectively marketing to your niche! Is that not cool? Of course there is software on the market you can buy that will tell you even more about your competition. Google “advertising spyware” and then visit the sites to see what is offered. Some will have FREE “lite” versions you can use.

Now through Alexa you have the top 3 competitors that you are going to concentrate on knocking out of the rankings! Actually I will teach secrets in future posts on how to do exactly that!

For now you want to go to your competition and do in-depth research on just these 3 web sites. You want to study their ad copy and bookmark their sites. You want to add more ad copy in your swipe file.

Now you want to become a CUSTOMER of your competition! If they are offering a FREE inducement to get you as a future customer you need to immediately give them your name and email address. This way you are going to be able to further study just what they are giving away to get you as a customer! You might even have to BUY something from the site and I would advise that also. This way you will see the SYSTEM they use to get you as a customer.

By the way by signing up for the FREE e-book, e-course, video, etc. they send you, you are going to gather even more important intelligence about your competiton. You are going to see if they use an AUTORESPONDER to send you future emails trying to get you to be a customer. By the way if they are the top 3 competitiors in your niche you can be assured they are effectively using an antoresponder!

You want to immediately study the freebie they sent you. If it is an e-book then read through it to see if they really know their niche. If you find GREAT sentences in the e-book or e-course then add them to your swipe file. If it is a video study what they have emphasized in the video. Remember RESEARCH is the key to knocking off your competition!

This is enough to keep you busy for at least a month!

Google Analytics

So have you been studying the material on locating your NICHE that I have sent you?

So now you need to know if your niche is going to be one that you can earn money with – LOTS of money!

I want you to use one of the tools supplied by Google – Google Analytics. You are going to be able to put in your LONG TAIL KEYWORDS for your niche. For instance, if your niche is fly fishing that is too broad for you to earn money. So why not narrow it further by discussing the equipment or how to best catch the fish. Actually that is too broad. So narrow it further to the best rod to use for fly fishing in USA southern streams. So now your keywords could be: “fly fishing in the south USA”; “fly fishing rods best for southern USA streams”; etc. I think you will find much better long tail keywords if this is your niche.

As you put in the keywords into Google Analytics you will see how many people are searching for specifically fly fishing rods for fishing in southern USA streams. Now I want you to search for SUBSTITUTION keywords like “fly fishing rods best for southern USA RIVERS”.

After doing numerous searches with Google Analytics you are going to see if your niche can earn you the financial goals you have set for yourself. You may have to either narrow it further or expand. Believe me a niche like “fly fishing” is definitely a money maker!

Next I want you to go to Google Search and put in your long tail keywords. When you do you will notice Adword ads appearing on the page. I want you to do a thorough search of these current ads and see what others are doing in your niche. Read through their ads and even bookmark them for further reference. I want you to also create what we call in the advertising and copywriting world a “swipe file”.

This can be a file on your computer where you place HEADLINES from the Adword ads that caught your attention. Remember with Adwords you have a very limited amount of space to write your ad. It MUST catch people’s attention or they will move on to another one that does. Also try to remember if the particualr Adwords ad caught YOUR attention when you started reading through them. You are the EXPERT in your niche and should subconsciously be alerted to the keywords in the ads that catch your attention.

Also in your swipe file you may want to add sentences that also catch your attention from the different ads. Now you are not going to copy them verbatim in your own ad copy but use the info in the ad for your ad copy. You will eventually take the ad copy from these ads and rearrange them for your copy which we call “spinning” the ad copy. Actually there is software on the market that successfully take someone’s ad copy and spins it so it is not an exact copy of the ad copy that you have in your swipe file! Sure wish I had this when I was writing ad copy in graduate school!

Next post we are going to discuss how you can legally spy on your competition for your niche!

Build It & They Will Come!

Many of you have probably seen the classic film Field of Dreams.

I truly believe the premise of that movie – BUILD IT & THEY WILL COME!

I’m already seeing that with our newly founded Serial Entrepreneurs Association as people are looking for a group to join as either already serial entrepreneurs like “moi” or want to pursue this exciting journey!

When you go to Serial Entrepreneurs Association home page you will see that I talked about having workshops in my beloved western North Carolina mountains. Well yesterday I learned from my serial entrepreneurship mentor and head of the Masters of Entrepreneurship program at Western Carolina University that currently there is NO conference center west of Asheville’s Grove Park Inn! Dr. Frank Lockwood said that it is a much needed facility since next fall he will have to have his conference at the Grove Park Inn as there is not one he can use closer.


That is exactly what I have challenged myself to do! I am going to envision this center becoming the premiere destination in western North Carolina and further more also envision the RIGHT people showing up to make it happen!

Recently I met two people that could play a major role in this project and plan on getting in touch with them ASAP! Actually make that THREE potentional players!


Do You ASK?

I found something that certainly made sense as I read it: “If you truly want to be a DECAmillionaire or more, then you must STOP sending messages to the universe that are the OPPOSITE of your wealth affirmations!”

I am as guilty as anyone of doing my wealth affirmations DAILY and then saying: “Those assholes on Wall Street are stealing us blind!” So actually I am sending CONFLICTING signs to God/Universal Power and that confuses God as to what does Hugh really want. Here he wants to be a decamillionaire and at the same time he is CONDEMNING the very same decamillionaires! As God sees it you and I are usually saying the “assholes” message with more feeling and emotion than the wealth affirmations!

Also you can not be jealous of another’s wealth like a Donald Trump as that also sends a conflicting message that may be subconciously you don’t really want to be RICH.

Also remember what Wallace Wattles’ says in his classic The Science of Getting Rich (available in the Resource area): you can not become RICH when you are in the COMPETITIVE mindset. As Wattles says there is MORE than enough for EVERY person in the world to be RICH! And if for some strange reason the wealth should begin to decline God will create MORE! For instance, if gold was what everyone wanted then God would help us discover enough gold to take care of ALL our desires!

Now you may think this is CRAZY thinking. However remember what Jesus said: “You do not have because you do not ASK!”

So if Jesus left this as a clue to becoming RICH then we need to ASK!