Move USA Made Business! Part 3


I have a new MISSION to move at least 5 of these USA MADE businesses with me to the US VIRGIN ISLANDS!

If I succeed then I will gain favor with both their Economic Development people and my Virgin Island attorney. Also we could all join forces and probably rent our space at the industrial park at a cheaper rate than $14 a square foot!

Stay tuned!

Hugh Simpson

Move USA Made Businesses! Part 2


As I mentioned in previous post I was going to contact ALL the USA MADE companies mentioned here under I Love USA MADE Foundation.

I emailed each one and before the end of yesterday the OWNER of one had contacted me as when I did his Contact Form at his website it was not working! I left a voicemail telling his customer service it was not working not even mentioning about the Virgin Islands.

So the owner thanked me for alerting him to the problem and asked why I was contacting his company.

I explained and he was intrigued enough to ask for the additional information I could send him.

So now he has the information and Virgin Island contact person’s email and cell number.

I called my VI contact, Andrew, and alerted him that this owner might contact him.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Hugh Simpson

Move USA Made Businesses! Part 1


Yes I am starting a campaign today to move USA MADE business to the US VIRGIN ISLANDS like we are doing with our Floating Homes Worldwide LLC BEFORE they are RUINED by STUPID politicians!


They offer QUALIFYING businesses a 90% REDUCTION in both PERSONAL & BUSINESS US Federal Income Taxes!

This is NO BS!

I thought it was BS until I made contact with US Virgin Island Economic Development people.


You do have to LIVE on one of the US VIRGIN ISLANDS for 180 DAYS ANNUALLY and employ a MINIMUM of EIGHT of their islanders within ONE YEAR.

It will probably costs you about $20,000-30,000 for fees and legal representation.

Contact me for further information by filing in REPLY area.

Hugh Simpson