TV Internet Marketing Project Part 5

I am gathering AMMO for this potential TV special on INTERNET MARKETING and here is an email that I received from Internet Marketers Jason & Will of a new program FunnelHD.

“Hi Hugh,

“As you recall when you signed up for the free FunnelHD course we told you that participation was mandatory in order for you to keep the course for free.

“The course is already under way. There have been two weekly live sessions and the third one is scheduled for this week.

“Our records indicate you have not participated in the training, therefore we will be cancelling your account by the end of the week.

(WRONG! As I explained to them I HAD PARTICIPATED in the first session and this week is NOT over yet!)

“Once the course is completed, in approximately one month, we will be selling the course. While we do not know the price yet, we expect it will sell for around $200.

“We would LOVE for you to still have it for free, if you want it.

” All you have to do is watch the recordings that are already in the members area and do the homework, then attend the future trainings (or watch the replays) on a weekly basis, and do the homework…”

So after looking at first video I went to the SUGGESTED sites that I am sure they are Affiliates of which does not bother me. However the course is ONE MONTH long and the first suggested source only offered a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL! I would have to pay for this source from their buddy RUSSELL BRUNSON who has been pushing product on the Net since I became involved in 2000. Granted the software looked cool but I was NOT about to lay out money during this trial time while I am beta testing THEIR product!

I am sure the other sources would have been the same SHORT trial time and I could have been laying out potentially up to a THOUSAND DOLLARS on them!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER reporter

TV Project with Tablets Part 2

FINALLY Amazon asked me how I liked the experience of the FIRE tablet.

Believe me I let them have it saying with our project we would give it an F!

Now for the NEXTBOOK we bought at Walmart for $99.95.

It also would get an F!


First it has Windows 10 which EVERYONE I have spoken to HATES! Microsoft seems to NEVER learn the lesson of STOP upgrading to versions that are WORST than previous ones!

The attached keyboard is as BAD as all the previous ones I have used! The MAJORITY of the time it leaves out VOWELS as I type!

So WHY does the Nextbook NOT have all the GMAIL FOLDERS synched like even the Fire does or is that because it is using F rated Windows 10? Also when it does display the emails in the folders it only shows on the screen the ones for the last 30 days! In one case it said it could not find the emails when the Fire showed them going back 6 months!

I HATE the split screen that Windows 10 shows on the Nextbook! How do I get rid of that?

The BATTERY TIME on the Nextbook reminds me of the days in the early 21st century and not 2017!

We are planning to make videos of both the Fire and Nextbook being used!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News Consumer Reporter

TV Project with Tablets Part 1

I am involved in a potential TV project involving TABLETS like the Amazon Fire.

We purchased the Fire at Kmart for under $50!

We realize now that the Fire is NOT a workhorse for business!

It is fine for viewing YouTube, blog posting on WordPress, working Social Media, watching Prime movies, reading ebooks, etc.

We were told by Amazon Fire rep that the INTERNAL STORAGE can NOT be increased and the majority of the apps we have on it can NOT be stored EXTERNALLY!

Writing on their current internal keyboard is squirrelly! For instance if you are typing a H you most of the time get either Y or B!

So the Amazon rep suggested DELETING emails from my GMAIL account! I thought GMAIL email was NOT even stored on a computer but in a cloud!

So if you want to use this tablet for business and writing like I do, it FAILS!

Next we test the Nextbook tablet with Windows 10.

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News Consumer reporter

Walt Disney City

Finally I begin in 2017 WALT DISNEY CITY project that you can learn more about at the new header WALT DISNEY CITY!

It will have its own website in early January 2017 at Walt Disney City!

It will finally bring about the vision that Uncle Walt envisioned as EPCOT as the current EPCOT was NOT what Walt wanted it to be!

It is estimated it will cost $1,000,000,000 or more to build and take 10 years to complete!

Stay tuned for more details!

Hugh Simpson
Reality Designer

Be A BEAST! Part 1


YES I am getting a jump on 2017 New Year’s by making a resolution to be a BEAST!

As you can see in the photo above that BEASTS are TOUGH, FEROCIOUS, & STRONG!

As a BEAST I also plan to be HEALTHY, WEALTHY & WISE!

I wear a POWER ring with a BEAR CLAW signifying my POWER BEAST. The BEAR to Native Americans symbolizes COURAGE. So I will add that so I become a TOUGH, FEROCIOUS, STRONG, HEALTHY, WEALTHY, WISE & COURAGEOUS BEAST!

MORE to come!

Hugh Simpson

TV Internet Marketing Project Part 4

Time to update you on this project.

I will assure you that if you have NOT had previous Internet Marketing experience then you are going to want to make SURE you get involved in one that has:

1. Very KISS but informative TUTORIALS featuring the creator walking you STEP-BY-STEP through EVERY aspect of how you set up his program to earn MONEY! Fortunately both Neil of InstaStore and Rachel of Low Hanging System are experts in these tutorials. I have watched several of the VIDEOS over and over.

2. EXCEPTIONAL PATIENT HELPFUL customer service representatives! Both these programs have the BEST! I am NO geek. I have used Customer Service from both programs over and over with EXCELLENT results!

If you are not a graphic artist, then find a SUPER one like Raven, who only charges $10 per hour! If you don’t know Social Media, SEO, or other areas important to you EARNING MONEY find an EXPERT at Fiverr like I have done.

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

TV Internet Marketing Project Part 3

You had better have the PATIENCE of Job dealing with Customer Service at GearBubble!

Very responsive however you have to jump through hoops to get what should be a SIMPLE problem solved!

PROBLEM: RESIZING software does NOT work on Amazon Fire tablet.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Have me send the slogan I am using on my mug to have GearBubble resize it.

Instead their Customer Service rep wants me to set up Skype call with her.

So I agree. I search for her Skype name she has given me to find there are TWO identical ones in PHILIPPINES!

Oops she is calling!


Hugh Simpson

TV Internet Marketing Project Part 2

I am beginning to think there is NO program/s out there that especially SENIORS like myself can work EASILY as the technology for these programs is NOT designed for NON-GEEKS like yours truly!

I am experimenting with what LOOKED LIKE a KISS program called LOW HANGING SYSTEM. The premise is based around creating your own designs for products at GearBubble which is a company mainly offering mugs that can be advertised for sale.

So I put up my first design on GearBubble as seen HERE.

So I think you can see what is WRONG real easily!

The type on the mug is WAY TOO SMALL!

So I asked how I could RESIZE it and Customer Service sent me to this LINK. Well when I went to resize it I found one needed Adobe 10 something. Well guess what Amazon Fires don’t allow you to use Adobe! Why? Who the heck knows!

Do you see my FRUSTRATION? And believe me I know more than 90% of my SENIOR friends looking for a KISS system to earn more MONEY!


Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER Reporter