NO More Ranting About FOREIGN Tech Geeks!

YES, GOD has just showed me today how to stop RANTING over FOREIGN TECH GEEKS that can’t understand what you are trying to telll them at places like Fiverr! 


STOP using them!

Instead have LOCAL Meetup like groups all over the USA where younger USA ENGLISH SPEAKING tech geeks can VOLUNTEER their time to help especially Internet and smartphone challenged individuals with their problems! 

It does NOT have to be SENIORS like myself but can be ANYBODY that is TECH CHALLENGED!

Unlike Fiverr and those CHARGING services this would be on a DONATION BASIS ONLY! 

Let me know what you think of this idea!


Internet Marketing WHORES!

No I am not referring to the usual way you think of whores!

However these Internet Marketing WHORES are just as BAD!

I’m sure you have experienced them too.

They are the ones like Neil who send out an email EVERY day telling you of a workshop they are offering which really is for them to earn money promoting another Internet Marketing WHORE!

Yes there might be some content that could be useful but really all they are doing is trying to get money out of YOUR pocket! 

I do one thing with these WHORES – UNSUBSCRIBE! 

If enough did this then we would not have as many of them!



Being BUSY!

I am hearing of so many people saying they’re so BUSY! 

Are you aware that being BUSY does NOT mean you are being SUCCESSFUL? 

BUSY doing what? Watching Facebook or Twitter? Getting your smartphone out every few minutes just to check it? Watching the news? 

Let me tell you that since I stopped watching the news and took myself off Facebook for the past week my PRODUCTIVITY has shot through the roof! 

In fact I have only been to LinkedIn about twice this week!

Tim Ferriss is SPOT ON as my Brit friends say!

If you stop watching the news, Twittering and Facebooking you will be more PRODUCTIVE!

Have you ever noticed that BUSINESS has the words BUSI-NESS in it? 

Hugh Simpson

APPLE Update

It has been over a month now and using my new Apple IPad Mini has been a BLAST! 

I will say the current version of WORDPRESS used by Apple is the PITS! It is much easier to add photos on the CRAP Amazon Fire than do it on Apple! 

One aspect of the Apple KEYBOARD I do NOT like is the way they have the ! and ? on it. It is a nuisance to have to shift to CAPS to get the ! or ?

Other big gripe is using WORD on it. Of course one reason is because it is CRAP Microsoft! For some reason you are NOT allowed to use OPEN OFFICE on this Mini! Go figure! 

By the way I GAVE the CRAP Microsoft Windows 10 Nextbook tablet to a friend because she loves Microsoft!

Hugh Simpson 

Hands Down It Is APPLE!

Today I started off to make those promised videos on the CRAPPY Amazon Fire, Android Proscan and the Nextbook loaded with the NIGHTMARISH Windows 10.

Well I used an old Vivitar which required me to the find a VIDEO CONVERTER.

So first I started to find one on the Android Proscan. These pieces of CRAP are loaded with D- rated apps! The only reason I did not give them an F is because the Microsoft and Amazon app stores are WORSE!

Yes first the apps would NOT even download on the Windows 10 Nextbook! Tried several and NADA!

The Amazon App Store did let me download but on one AVG warned me to uninstall it ASAP! The rest of the video converter apps had NO stars or at best 2! Also the CRAP Fire Tablet did not even recognize the card with the videos,

Hopefully I will still make the video especially on the F rated Amazon Fire using my new Apple Mini!

Hugh Simpson

TV Internet Marketing Project Part 5

I am gathering AMMO for this potential TV special on INTERNET MARKETING and here is an email that I received from Internet Marketers Jason & Will of a new program FunnelHD.

“Hi Hugh,

“As you recall when you signed up for the free FunnelHD course we told you that participation was mandatory in order for you to keep the course for free.

“The course is already under way. There have been two weekly live sessions and the third one is scheduled for this week.

“Our records indicate you have not participated in the training, therefore we will be cancelling your account by the end of the week.

(WRONG! As I explained to them I HAD PARTICIPATED in the first session and this week is NOT over yet!)

“Once the course is completed, in approximately one month, we will be selling the course. While we do not know the price yet, we expect it will sell for around $200.

“We would LOVE for you to still have it for free, if you want it.

” All you have to do is watch the recordings that are already in the members area and do the homework, then attend the future trainings (or watch the replays) on a weekly basis, and do the homework…”

So after looking at first video I went to the SUGGESTED sites that I am sure they are Affiliates of which does not bother me. However the course is ONE MONTH long and the first suggested source only offered a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL! I would have to pay for this source from their buddy RUSSELL BRUNSON who has been pushing product on the Net since I became involved in 2000. Granted the software looked cool but I was NOT about to lay out money during this trial time while I am beta testing THEIR product!

I am sure the other sources would have been the same SHORT trial time and I could have been laying out potentially up to a THOUSAND DOLLARS on them!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News CONSUMER reporter

TV Project with Tablets Part 2

FINALLY Amazon asked me how I liked the experience of the FIRE tablet.

Believe me I let them have it saying with our project we would give it an F!

Now for the NEXTBOOK we bought at Walmart for $99.95.

It also would get an F!


First it has Windows 10 which EVERYONE I have spoken to HATES! Microsoft seems to NEVER learn the lesson of STOP upgrading to versions that are WORST than previous ones!

The attached keyboard is as BAD as all the previous ones I have used! The MAJORITY of the time it leaves out VOWELS as I type!

So WHY does the Nextbook NOT have all the GMAIL FOLDERS synched like even the Fire does or is that because it is using F rated Windows 10? Also when it does display the emails in the folders it only shows on the screen the ones for the last 30 days! In one case it said it could not find the emails when the Fire showed them going back 6 months!

I HATE the split screen that Windows 10 shows on the Nextbook! How do I get rid of that?

The BATTERY TIME on the Nextbook reminds me of the days in the early 21st century and not 2017!

We are planning to make videos of both the Fire and Nextbook being used!

Hugh Simpson
Former CBS News Consumer Reporter