Our 102″ UAV Is Here!


We began this business on 1/1/2014 as a NAPKIN concept with NO product to sell. Here we are just a little over 6 MONTHS with a state-of-the-art UAV ready to be manufactured in Robinsville NC this Fall – less than a YEAR later.

Another ConceptsNation SUCCESS is on its way!

Hugh Simpson
Co-Founder & CEO
Dunan Systems International


Our 102″ UAV Is Here! — 1 Comment

  1. We might be interested in selling this via drop shipping you are so inclined.

    This looks like it could be adapted for wildlife management or aerial obseravtion platforms.

    We have access to many components as we are located both in NC and China.

    Please advise if we can help.


    Dano Smith

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