Operation Day After

Sounds like it is right of one of those doomsday thrillers right ?


It refers to an event that I have studied, researched and even written about in my latest ebook 2012 & Beyond. It refers to what the Discovery Channel considers Number 4 on the list of the Top 10 catastrophes that could devastate Planet Earth!

It is about the results of the eruption of the WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL DORMANT volcano located in the USA at Yellowstone! Recent activity leads researchers to believe it is about ready to blow!

If you go to the heading Operation Day After at my XtremePreparedness you will see that this is NO myth!

The most frightening result will be the dreaded NUCLEAR WINTER plunging Planet Earth into temperatures not seen in 1000 years as Chief Meteorologist Dr Jeffrey Masters of WeatherUnderground says!

The GOOD news is that I have been developing the resources to help people survive the predicted 6 MONTHS to 1 YEAR scenario! Only about 1/2 of 1% will make it through!

NOW IS THE TIME to also prepare a new transportation/energy project that my long time friend Paul Faso has been researching and developing for years. It will free us from dependency on OIL! You can read about it HERE.

This is what ConceptsNation is all about!

Hugh Simpson
Founder of ConceptsNation


Operation Day After — 2 Comments

  1. I am a very firm believer in the theory that we can not continue exist with the way we are running our world. Please reply.

    • Hi Bill! Nice to meet a fellow believer! I live in an area where hopefully we would survive The Day After from the explosion of Caldera. Now the US government is trying to “spin” the threat of Caldera. As a former CBS News investigative reporter I know that this ALWAYS means the S-IT is going to hit the fan! CAVES are the answer for Caldera!


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