NOT Walkin The Talk

I am sick and tired of dealing with the BS artists both on a personal and business level! America especially has become a Nation of BSers! Politicians do it. Companies do it. Advertisers do it. The news media does it. Clients do it. Ministers and rabbis do it. Friends and family do it.

My parents taught me to WALK MY TALK and that HONESTY on ALL levels was the MOST important trait you could possess! It was way more important than MONEY!

My grandfather was a MILLIONAIRE builder in the 20s before The Depression, when he lost it all. My Mom said her Dad would make MILLION DOLLAR handshakes with clients and EVERYONE kept their part of the deal!

Today if you are STUPID enough (like I have been in the past) to believe that a HANDSHAKE is still a sign of HONESTY then you deserve what happens to you and me!

Before you do ANYTHING for a client get a LEGAL CONTRACT! I use Legal Shield previously known as Prepaid Legal. No I am NOT a marketer for it. If they do NOT want to sign it RUN as fast as you can from them!

Word to the WISE: walk YOUR talk but do NOT trust others to walk theirs! Also as my mentor, Donald Trump, says: SUE THE BASTARDS!

I am starting a YouTube series that will be called NOT WALKING THE TALK. Look for it. Follow my example and add your experiences with BSers and LIARS! If you have been screwed over then let the world know who is the guilty party. Just make sure you can back up your claim! Help this campaign to go viral!

Hugh Simpson

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