Not Only What You Eat Matters

Another important aspect of your new XtremeJoy Fitness program has to do with your eating habits and this goes beyond the previous discussed 6 days of fruits, grains and veggies with meals no bigger than your two fists.

It equally as important to have the proper ATMOSPHERE for XtremeJoy eating and that means NOT doing what I’m doing right now – writing this blog post, working crossword puzzles, reading on your smart phone or Kindle, etc. Your meals should be experienced in a QUIET place with soft music and pleasant conversation NOT on a cell phone but with people you enjoy eating with! Yes this one is hard for me to pratice sitting right here in my neighborhood McDonalds with rock music blaring in the background along with Fox News!

Also I’m guilty of NOT chewing my food and experiencing all the flavors of that Subway breakfast sandwich loaded with veggies! You should be able to eat at a SLOW rate chewing up your food instead of bolting it down as we are so inclined to do! SLOW eating is what promotes better digestion which is essential for good health.

Finally you need to cut back on that coffee and other products loaded with caffeine like soda pop, tea, and yes, my favorite CHOCOLATE! These caffeine ladden products promote the SAD Cycle. If you must continue to eat chocolate then switch to the DARK chocolate as it has been found to have beneficial aspects.

It goes without saying that you need to cut back your consumption to small quanities of wine or beer and not 3 martinies and 3 beer chasers that are an every night affair for Peter in my American Legion Post! He is younger than me and looks like he is 10-15 years older!

Also Peter smokes like a chimney which in your XtremeJoy Fitness program should be a NO-NO!

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