No Wo/Man Is An Island

When you collaborating on YOUR idea you have to realize that in order to make it HAPPEN you usually must compromise on aspects of it. I assure you that is one of the hardest things that I have had to learn and continue to learn!

Yes, it is YOUR idea but as the famous quotes says: “No man (woman) is an island.” When you act like you are the ONE with the only way the idea can happen how can you collaborate? IMPOSSIBLE!

Also as shared in BrainStyles (Resources area) I as a Creator need the input of the three other styles – Deliberator, Knower and Conciliator. So when I collaborate I look for these styles to join on my project.

In Scott’s Making Ideas Happen (Resources area) he says that you should allow the junior members of the team to share first.

This way allows them to “develop their reasoning and bring them on board. Instead of overshadowing their ideas with your own brilliant insights, SILENCE (my emphasis) yourself and welcome fresh, though sometimes naive, insights.”

Here is the one I personally struggle with as my colleagues and friends will attest to: “When you are not talking, you should be LISTENING (my emphasis).” I honestly try to listen but I find myself wanting desperately to break in with MY take on the project!

I have a colleague who also has an annoying habit. When you are sharing something with him he will immediately interupt with “I KNOW THAT.” Can you guess what BrainStyle he is? Duh, a KNOWER!

So by all means here is a perfect example of the old saying: “We teach what we need to learn.” I am sharing this about LISTENING because I need to learn how to do that better!

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