NO Project MORE Important

Yes there is in my opinion NO project more important than the one I am starting to tackle RIGHT NOW!

ALL my other projects pale in comparison!

This project effects EVERY LIVING THING ON PLANET EARTH! This is NO exaggeration or BS!

It is FukUShima Disaster!

Many experts believe there is NO solution and that we have finally gone beyond the TIPPING POINT!

I can NOT accept this prognostication that Gaia is finally DYING! Yes we face an UPHILL battle to save her but we can NOT give up the patient!

I am starting a MASSIVE campaign to WAKEUP the world to what has happened with FukUShima and what is coming at US like a run away freight train!

I will be sharing links at the NEWS area of XtremePreparedness. I have set up a Facebook Group page entitled FukUShima Disaster where those same links can be found. Just search in Facebook and you will see the DEATH SKULL icon!

In the mean time do NOT eat ANY SEAFOOD unless you personally know where it has come from! That includes FROZEN and CANNED! It goes without saying NOT to eat that mercury filled crap from fast food chains!

This is the ONLY project that matters to me!

Hugh Simpson

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