New Year’s Resolutions?

Been a while and I have been busy and having FUN preparing for 2015 which is NOW here!


Now on with the post.

I like you have made some New Year’s GOALS instead of RESOLUTIONS. Research has shown that the majority of us break our RESOLUTIONS before 30 days!

So I have decided as a goal to have that 6 pack abs and become one of the healthiest and fit soon to be 69 year YOUNG males on the Planet! I use TRX and in my 18 years as a certified personal fitness trainer I have seen NOTHING better! It was developed by a Navy SEAL while on a mission.

I have also decided to share with YOU any knowledge or wisdom I have learned from my mentors like Barry (who has asked me not to use his last name); the late Bill Thaw, who was the co-founder of EST; Marshall Thurber, who created Money & You, Mastery in Manifesting (where I spent 2 years), who was the right hand to Buckminster Fuller, and inherited the mantle of carrying on the works and discoveries of Dr. Edward Deming, Father of Quality Control; Bernie Dorhman, who created IBI working with people like Jack Canfield, who was the co-creator of Chicken Soup of the Soul; and many others both famous and not so famous.

As a “libertarian” since 1989 I also have decided to help spread the TRUE philosophy of “libertarianism” which could become the Godsend for the Planet. I have a blog on this at Jefferson Libertarians as some of you already follow.

I am on a mission to get us all to RECLAIM OUR SOUL and realize that earning MILLIONS or even BILLIONS is ONLY a GAME as my mentors Donald Trump and Felix Dennis have taught me. Yes it is EXCITING and a rush but it is ONLY a GAME! The real MISSION is to RECLAIM OUR SOUL.

This is not to be from a RELIGIOUS point of view but from a GOD/UNIVERSAL SPIRIT/CONSCIOUSNESS point of view.

So here is the WISDOM I leave you with today from Touchstones by Kate Schrader Shawgo:

“Do what you can and release what you can’t.”

Hugh Simpson

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