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Here is some more from that MUST read book Unstuck by Keith Yamashita and Sandra Spataro, which is a tool box for unstucking you and your team.

“Trust is a bank account. Invest often.”

“More heart, less intellect.”

“Teamwork is great, but only if you need it.”

“Groupthink. Yep. Yep”

“Let your soul be your guide.”

“Give the movement a name. ”

“Take over the TV station.”

“Put your own ideas down in words.”

“Revive the team. Bring in new brainiacs.”

“Favor plainspeak over breathy bravado.”

I think you would agree that Unstuck is mostly what you would call COMMON SENSE! Still a MUST read book!


More Unstuck — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks so much, Hugh, for your kind words about Keith’s book. Did you know that Keith’s company, SYPartners, has come out with a free iPad app called Unstuck? It is designed to help anyone in a sticky personal or professional situation discover why they are stuck and learn how to get unstuck. You can download it for free from iTunes:

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