Millionaire Mindset Tip 8

Millionaire clients of mine LOVE to NETWORK with other millionaires and even better multi-millionaires!

Are you aware that it has been SCIENTIFICALLY determined that your WEALTH LEVEL is determined by the FIVE people you associate with the MAJORITY of the time? In another words if you associate with people on your WEALTH LEVEL that is where you are going to most likely stay!

Wallace Wattles saw this in early 20th century and writes extensively in the first ebook I send all Shirt Pocket Millionaires Club trainees.

So find ways to go to places the MILLIONAIRES hang out and most of the current networking events is NOT that place! It has been my experience that these folks are as broke as each other! They BS but when the rubber hits the road they NEVER come through on what they promise!

Instead of hanging out with these LOSERS get invited to the local country club and eat in the five star restaurants even if you have an appetizer and a glass of wine! The more you look like YOU BELONG the better are your chances of getting to know these people!

Here is a true story about my hero DONALD TRUMP. He had graduated from the prestigious Wharton School and his Dad gave him $10,000. He told Donald, who had NEVER had the easy life of the wealthy, that this was the ONLY money he would ever receive from him! The Donald could have had a new car, bought a house or gone to Europe.

So which did he chose from the ABOVE?

Learn in the next post!

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Hugh Simpson

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