Millionaire Mindset Tip 7

My millionaire and multi-millionaire clients understand THE NUMBERS!

No I am not referring to gambling! I am referring to EXPENSES, RETURN ON INVESTMENT, BOTTOM LINE, PROFITS, etc. They KNOW that you have to DETAIL your COSTS.

They KNOW that unless you have your NUMBERS you will NEVER know if the project/product/service will fly!

Let me give you an example. We have this very historical building that our church currently owns. The majority think it is an anchor but there is one of my friends who is hell bent on saving it from the wrecking ball!

I admire his mission HOWEVER after reading his proposal telling all about the history of the house and every family that occupied it before the church bought it he NEVER ONCE had any NUMBERS!

He is one of those liberal do-gooders who does not get the IMPORTANCE of NUMBERS! He does have potential uses of the property that could give back a RETURN ON INVESTMENT but NOT ONCE does he give any NUMBERS!

Our minister is a NO NONSENSE BUSINESSWOMAN! She use to write grants before becoming a minister! Do you think she KNOWS NUMBERS? You bet your sweet a– she does! AND she has REPEATEDLY asked this do-gooder for NUMBERS! I saw NONE in his current proposal!

His opposition have their NUMBERS and believe me they do NOT look like a good ROI for renovating this property!

He lives in a FANTASY LAND! He believes that MAGIC will save the property from the wrecking ball! He sees NO reason that NUMBERS are necessary!

Furthermore he has talked about starting his own business!

Study your NUMBERS and KNOW them! OR your project/dream/product/service could be destroyed by the REALITY wrecking ball! This especially applies if you are looking for investors!

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Hugh Simpson

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