Millionaire Mindset Tip 6

Millionaires I know ALWAYS have a DETAILED plan for what they want to do for the New Year! They don’t just make resolutions they create a STEP BY STEP plan on how to make their resolutions a REALITY!

My friend and teacher Bob Proctor who was the host of the best selling THE SECRET film had his students start planning for this New Year in the beginning of NOVEMBER!

Why? Because you have more time to really plan instead of waiting till the day before 2014 begins! Also you are not rushed to get the plan on PAPER and in your smartphone! Yes PAPER still has its value in my book!

My DECAMILLIONAIRE friend Bob once told me that he NEVER would trust having his contacts just in his PDA, laptop and desk top computer. Yes this was YEARS back in the dinosaur days! He ALWAYS put the same contact info in his PHYSICAL planner as well as virtual one.

Boy was that some of the BEST advice I ever received because sure enough I had a crash that lost the contacts virtually HOWEVER I had written them in a PHYSICAL address book!

Sir Richard Branson, one of my role model serial and parallel entrepreneurs, NEVER is without his little PHYSICAL notebook! So I went out and found one like his. I keep all my important user names and past words in it. I also pray to God I NEVER lose it!

I also years ago learned to MIND MAP. If you have no idea what I am talking about then your first New Year’s assignment is to Google MIND MAP! Your second is to learn how to do it! And third assignment is to DO IT!

I have in my larger PHYSICAL MIND MAP all my businesses that are tied to MIND MAPPING gives you an VISUAL layout with all the connections to the central concept. For example my MIND MAP has my as the HUB. From that I have all the other URLs as spokes. These then have the projects that are connected to that URL.

This enables me to create what you see at with the different business URLs highlighted. This way a person or more importantly a potential reporter can see what I am all about!

My MULTI-MILLIONAIRE teacher and Internet Marketing guru Matt Bacak taught me the importance of the SPOKE AND WHEEL concept of building my VIRTUAL real estate on the Net. Also when people click on one of the SPOKE URLs that creates a PING BACK to

You have seen how many times I have used You too need to purchase your NAME! If I had to give up every one of my over one dozen URLs I would starve before giving up !

Why? Because if a potential client wants to know about me or one of those media folks all they have to do is go to ! When I do media stories all I have to say is: “Go to to learn more about me.” My BILLIONAIRE role models and the majority of my MILLIONAIRE clients own their own NAME or a version of it on the Net! It is your MOST valuable VIRTUAL real estate!

I wish you and yours the HAPPIEST MOST PROSPEROUS 2014!

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Hugh Simpson

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