Millionaire Mindset Tip 4

If you are just joining us then here is a recap about Millionaires. They are millionaires in their MINDS long before they may be one on paper; they think BIG and they have a HUGE why for wanting to be a millionaire. Millionaires also STOP WHINING, COMPLAINING and JUSTIFYING and take ACTION! They also learn to only buy ASSETS not “toys”! However they also learn how to buy the ASSET and get the TOY too!

Now we are going to discuss PERSISTENCE and TENACITY. Millionaires NEVER NEVER give up! I am going to use my own story. I am the co-founder of the Southern Music Hall of Fame & Museum. I began this project 23 YEARS ago and my partner Ron and I looked at least a dozen locations throughout the South. Cities were VERY receptive to the project but usually parking requirements could not be met.

Recently I got back with a long time friend John who is s former Coke executive and owns a sports marketing consulting business. He also had a friend who is one of Atlanta’s top developers. He has a new mega development that he would like to have the Hall as an anchor.

What is even better is that two other developers are also now interested in the Hall too! So you can see that PERSISTENCE can pay off BIG time however there is another factor – TIMING! Millionaires know that TIMING is EVERYTHING!

In this case with the Hall project Atlanta is looking for a MUSIC related destination so they can compete with Nashville’s Country Music Hall. Actually this is the THIRD time we have presented this project to Atlanta. As they say: THREE times is the charm!

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More in the next post!

Hugh Simpson

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