Millionaire Mindset Tip 2

Well we know that millionaires: are millionaires in their MINDS long before they may be one on paper; they think BIG and they have a HUGE why for wanting to be a millionaire.


As one multi-millionaire pointed out in one of my favorite books: “Some SOB scratched my yacht! What am I going to do?” Those with the MILLIONAIRE MINDSET may think those thoughts about the SOB but they don’t WHINE or COMPLAIN or act the VICTIM! They take ACTION to get the yacht fixed! Period! They have NO time to waste COMPLAINING and WHINING! Any way they know their MILLIONAIRE friends would LAUGH about it instead of sympathize!

One of my DECAMILLIONAIRE clients had his identity stolen. His situation was a heck of a lot more pressing than the recent problems at Target. It was determined by his investigators to be an inside job at the Atlanta Federal Reserve branch!

Yeah, when you have a net worth of $10,000,000 or more you don’t just bank with Bank of America! He had to spend over one year and lots of frustration getting it fixed but he did not WHINE about it!


Millionaires hardly ever PROCRASTINATE! I had a breakfast AHA this morning. If you are a Christian like myself then you have read or heard about Judgement Day in the Book of Revelations.

God pointed out to me through my thoughts that the real judgement has nothing to do with murder, rape, stealing, lying, etc. It has to do with PROCRASTINATION!

God will ask YOU: “Why did you not DO what I asked you to do?” WOW! What a revelation! Why did you not check that cancer warning sign when I prodded you to do it? Why did you not clean out that junk in your house when I kept telling you?

Millionaires do NOT PROCRASTINATE! They take ACTION ASAP! Are you PROCRASTINATING? I sure know I am guilty of this!

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Hugh Simpson

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