Millionaire Mindset Tip 10

One of my clients and mentors is a DECA-MILLIONAIRE whose name I can mention – Dr. Michael Duckett. Michael’s story is truly from RAGS TO RICHES!

Michael was abandoned in a Detroit ghetto with 7 sisters when he was THREE! How many of you can identify with abandonment at such an early age?

He did everything possible to make sure as the Man of the House he could to keep them together especially after one of the sisters died in that ghetto.

By the time Michael was TWELVE he owned not one or two but THREE bricks and mortar businesses in that ghetto area! In fact since he was too young to have a bank account his older sister’s boyfriend had to open the account for him! By the way the boyfriend and Michael’s sister are still together and her now husband of many decades is Michael’s Chief Financial Officer of his mega-empire!

Getting back to Michael’s amazing story.

By the time Michael was 16 he was able to purchase a little house in that ghetto for his sisters and himself! Michael today is in his mid 60s! How many of you could have purchased a little home at 16 over 40 years ago?

Michael through STUDY, NETWORKING and PERSISTENCE was a MILLIONAIRE by 21! He literally would walk down those Detroit ghetto streets in a coat and tie so he could feel WEALTH! He NETWORKED back then through snail mail with numerous millionaires who mentored him. Have you taken the time and effort to NETWORK with millionaires? Would you at your own expense fly to where Michael was teaching to learn from him?

Michael actually never got to attend classes like his sisters did however after reaching the MILLIONAIRE status he went back to school and again ACHIEVED his educational goals which included a degree in Chiropractic, a law degree, and I think about four or five more degrees!

I will be further introducing you to Michael in the next several posts as a model of the MILLIONAIRE MINDSET!

I have invited Michael to be on the Advisory Board of the Shirt Pocket Millionaires Club. If you are not a trainee yet then check out the header above or pull down menu! Be mentored like I have been by Michael over the past nearly three decades!

Hugh Simpson

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