Millionaire Mindset Tip 1

If you have not read my first Millionaire Mindset article, here is a recap: BE a MILLIONAIRE in your MIND FIRST using all your senses. Then DO things to put yourself in the midst of millionaires! Offer them something they DESIRE. Next you need to DREAM BIG which we will discuss here.


My Millionaire Mindset clients ALL dream BIG! They dO not want to be AVERAGE like 99% of the people do.

One of my clients literally began his stock brokerage business by COLD CALLING every 10th person in the PHYSICAL White Pages! Did it pay off? He built up the biggest brokerage business in Atlanta and was one of the first people to build one of those 10,000 square foot homes in Atlanta.

Jim DREAMED BIG! Maggie my certified kitchen designer built her business in Atlanta from simple beginnings and eventually got her dream car – yellow Rolls Royce! Maggie DREAMED BIG!

My long time client Robert built one of the largest aluminum siding businesses in the country beginning with just he and his wife. He was able to sell just the residential part of the business for $10,000,000! He kept the commercial side for his daughter and her family to continue to build.

Since selling his business he has developed his PASSION for what he calls Xyber9 Trends into a nomination for the Nobel Prize in Economics. He also has written a best selling fictional financial thriller that is being considered for a film by the same team that did Catch Me If You Can. Bob continues to DREAM BIG!

What really ticks off my very successful clients are those who say something like this: “Well he or she was just lucky.”

Luck in 99% of the time had NOTHING to do with Jim, Maggie or Bob’s success! They first ENVISIONED themselves as being VERY wealthy. Then they went to work making themselves millionaires and multi-millionaires. They PERSISTED after receiving rejection after rejection!

Do you think Jim got a YES every 10th call? Dream on! He literally had to go through over 50% of the Atlanta White Pages before it began to pay off! Could YOU do this?

You could and can IF you have a BIG enough WHY! Jim, Bob and Maggie all had BIG WHYs they wanted to be wealthy! What is your BIG WHY?

For instance I have started Shirt Pocket Millionaires Club (see header above on how to join!) in order to train 1,000,000 new millionaires in order to help our Planet! There will NEVER be a cost to join and learn! My BIG WHY is to teach others to help others without relying on government assistance! I also know it is time to GIVE BACK!

So to recap: DREAM BIG and have a BIG WHY for wanting to be WEALTHY!

More in next post!

Hugh Simpson

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