My MF Filthy Rich Goal

I bet you thought I was referring to the bad MF.

Actually I was referring to MIGHTY FINE!

So here I am saying I have set a MF Filthy Rich goal of being a DECAMILLIONAIRE or MORE ( NEVER LIMIT GOD! ) by 10/19/2015. So that means I have to earn about $9380.86 EVERY DAY till 10/19/2015.

Now the naysayers would say that is impossible but with my God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

You see you really don’t have to earn $9380.86 per day. I can earn more than $9380.86 every day as the goal gets closer. I could be earning 10 times or more every day by then!

I also have a friend’s Nobel Prize nominated system that has 12 year track record behind it that could easily make this happen.

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