Meetings Are A Waste of Time!

I agree with Scott Belsky, author of Making Ideas Happen (Resources area), that the majority of MEETINGS are a waste of time!

Here are ways that he suggest making meetings PRODUCTIVE.

1. Don’t just meet because that is what you normally do. How many meetings have you attended because it was the Monday morning RITUAL? This is one ritual that needs to be abandoned! ONLY meet when you have to and make sure that ACTIONABLE Steps are the point of the meeting.

2. Have the guts to bring up if a meeting has no Actionable Steps so that these type of meetings are ELIMINATED!

3. Where there are Actionable Steps make sure that before you adjourn that EVERYONE reviews what Actionable Steps he/she is to take BEFORE the next meeting. This leads to more CLARITY and stops “double captured” Actionable Steps.

4. Don’t set ARBITRARY time lengths for meetings. Why set aside 30 minutes for a meeting that might take only 10?

5. As mentioned before have everyone STANDUP if possible. This will have a tendency to shorten meetings!

6. NEVER call a meeting because you feel insecure or not in control! Actionable meetings are not for people’s EGOS but for making things happen!

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