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Yes, this project came about from my LOVE and EXPERTISE in Physical Fitness and my LOVE for USA military as you can see from another project at Help Our USA Military.

I was AMAZED that the URL Super Badasses was available! So if you have already clicked on the URL you will see that this site combines my LOVE for Fitness and the world’s elite Special Forces like our US Navy SEALs, US Air Force Para-rescue Jumpers, UK Special Air Service, US Army Rangers, US Marine Recon Force, UK Special Boat, and US Coast Guard Search & Rescue.

You are going to be able to follow how I make The Super Badasses Challenge become a reality by following the future posts on this site.

First, you will see that I have both a LOVE and EXPERTISE in Physical Fitness having been an ISSA certified personal fitness trainer for 17 years. I think that it is IMPERATIVE to both have the PASSION and EXPERTISE for your chosen niche. Second, I also have a LOVE for my country and other countries Special Forces. I am even now doing the Navy SEAL Fitness Program at 67 years young!

Hugh Simpson


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